Updated Tornado and Damaging Wind Forecast

This is a Dangerous Weather Day.

All data indicates that this will be a day that will result in major, damaging tornadoes as well as thunderstorm-generated winds that will cause widespread power outages.

National Weather Service is describing the weather in this region regarding tornadoes as a "Particularly Dangerous Situation" and they are going to issue that type of very rare tornado watch for this afternoon and this evening. It includes St. Louis, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, the Lake of the Ozarks, and Columbia. 

National Weather Service is already describing the threat in the area below as a "particularly dangerous situation." If you live in a mobile home, please exit by 1pm for other shelter! This includes most of Arkansas, northeast Texas (including Texarkana) and the Memphis metro area.

Tornado Risk, Now Till 7am Saturday

Color code:

  • Extreme risk of strong tornadoes in purple.
  • High risk of strong tornadoes in red.
  • Enhanced risk of strong tornadoes in yellow.
  • Significant risk of tornadoes in brown.

Damaging Wind Risk, 1pm This Afternoon Till 7am Saturday

  • Purple = Extreme risk of winds of 75 mph or stronger. Long-term power outages likely.
  • Red = High risk of 75+ mph in red, power outages likely in scattered areas. 
  • Yellow = Enhanced risk of wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger. 

There will be widespread power outages in these areas, especially purple!!

Essential Safety Recommendations

Now is the time to prepare! If a tornado warning is issued, or if a warning for wind gusts of 70 mph winds or stronger is issued, take shelter in the basement, preferably under a pool table or heavy furniture or, if you have a finished basement, in a closet or bath.

If you do not have a basement, a small closet or bath on the lowest floor is the place to go as in the photo below.

Make sure you have at least three ways of receiving storm warnings from the list below:

  • Weather Radio
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (enable by going to "notifications" on your iPhone and scroll down)
  • Phone Alerts
  • Weather Apps (AccuWeather's with "locations" enabled) is free and a good choice

  • Make sure family and friends are monitoring the weather, also. Call them.
  • Make sure you can get family, especially infirm members, to shelter quickly if a tornado warning is issued.
  • If you live in a mobile home without a community shelter, seek other shelter if, 1) a tornado watch is issued, and 2) thunderstorms are forming to your west
  • If you have a motorcycle, football or other helmet, wear it into your shelter.
  • Insure your shelter area is ready to go. A flashlight, a couple of bottles of water, diapers, radio or TV, and always wear shoes into your shelter. 
  • If you are short on prescriptions, get them refilled asap.
  • Fill/charge your chainsaw.
  • Fill/charge your automobile.
  • Charge your smartphone and laptop but take them off the charger when thunderstorms approach. 

I will be providing additional live weather information on Twitter @weatherexpert. 

Since we are on the topic of dangerous weather: 

Color codes:
  • Orange = blizzard warning.
  • Pink = winter storm warning. 
  • Purple = winter weather advisory (lesser condition).
  • Sand = wind advisory. 
  • Deep green = winter storm watch.


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