Thursday, March 16, 2023

March 16 Drought Update

Here is the U.S. Drought Monitor with data to Tuesday morning (14th). The blue lines are major rivers.
Usually we use the Palmer Drought Index but so much rain has fallen in California since Tuesday (below) that the Palmer is already out of date. The drought has become so serious in Kansas and adjacent areas that much of the winter wheat crop is in "poor" condition. Unfortunately, little relief is in sight (forecast at bottom of this post).

Below is the two-day rainfall in California since Tuesday morning. 
I think that drought in northern California has been pretty well ended by these most recent rains. In fact, the opposite problem:
Wall Street Journal
Seven-day precipitation forecast.
California could really use a break from the rain and snow but another atmospheric river is forecast to arrive next week. While California is suffering from too much rain, the core of the winter wheat belt is expected to have little to no rain or snow. 

While I don't have a great deal of faith in the 8-14 day outlook, the general weather pattern supports it. 
So, the atmospheric environment of California receiving too much while the winter wheat belt stays dry is forecasted to continue, unfortunately. 

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