Meteorologists: As Tornado Season Begins, Watch Your Language!

We meteorologists are, "Nice people, but odd." That statement was made by the late Col. Bob Miller of the U.S. Air Force in the context of how we celebrate things that are repulsive to most non-meteorologists. 

Here is an excerpt of my book Warnings, which explains the problem. 

So, as 2023's tornado season begins, we need to be careful how we phrase things. Here is a recent example of a quote from a meteorologist in the Midwest...
The average person doesn't like tornadoes and probably hopes none occur near the (blacked out name) city where this person works. "Hoping to see more" probably won't win many friends. 

I don't mean to single out this individual as I'm sure the comment was made with the very best of intentions. Meteorologists, make sure we don't "invert" our language when we speak with the public.  


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