UPDATE 11:49am: Today's Tornado Risk

In the South, there is another 
high risk of tornadoes today.

The color code:
  • There is a high risk of strong tornadoes in the red hatched area.
  • There is an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes in the hatched area.
  • There is a significant risk of tornadoes in the brown area. 
I urge you to follow trusted local sources of weather information throughout the day. I will have an update this afternoon. In the meantime:
  • Prepare to care for infirm friends and relatives now. Don't wait until the storms are approaching. 
  • There is a significant risk of power failures. It won't hurt to get a few extra bucks at the ATM.
  • Put your car in the garage along with any lawn furniture or other items that may be damaged.
  • Fill your car with fuel.
  • If you are running low on prescriptions, go ahead and get them refilled.
  • If you have a portable generator, make sure you place it outdoors, well away from any air intakes.
If you live in a mobile home: I recommend finding other shelter when there is a tornado watch in effect for your area and thunderstorms begin to form to your west. Don't wait until the tornado warning is issued. 

There will also be updated weather information on Twitter @usweatherexpert. 


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