Do Not Believe That Affordable Battery Storage For Intermittent Energy Exists

If you've been on Twitter since the first of the year, you've probably seen numerous tweets from alternative energy advocates telling us not to worry: that affordable energy solutions for intermittent energy sources are available now. The latest fairytale: "All we need is new age batteries to capture the excess energy from wind on windy days and sunshine on calm days for use when conditions are calm and overcast." 

My own independent research tells me just the opposite. What exists today at the individual home scale is expensive in any case. And, that type of storage is currently unavailable at grid-scale at any price. 

So, when I saw yet another of these claims, I finally decided to force the issue so I could report back for my readers. 
As expected, he didn't reply.

Given the sudden proliferation of these claims, I've wondered what is going on. This is an educated guess, only: Given the collapse in the credibility of "cheap, reliable," wind power, Big Climate is terrified that one of its main sources of money, often via graft, is going to go away as the public sours.

But, what about the hundreds of billions of $$$$ from Biden's latest infrastructure bill? 

Not nearly enough, they say. 

A leading wind turbine maker is imploring Washington and state governments for more policy support only months after Congress passed hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies for green energy, arguing the new law alone is insufficient to help the industry reckon with high inflation.

The ask from Spanish manufacturer Siemens Gamesa illustrates how the persistence of inflation poses a threat to the decarbonization goals of President Joe Biden, who is now ill-equipped to pass new policy to supplement the new Democratic climate law with Republicans in control of the House of Representatives.

I have one word to describe this: chutzpah!
If you are not familiar with the word, it means unmitigated gall (example: man murders his parents and then asks mercy from the court because he is an orphan). 

The wind energy industry has received tax subsidies -- that you and I have paid for -- since the Carter Administration! They are getting hundreds of billions from the (ill considered in my opinion) new Biden law. And it is never enough! Meanwhile, you and I have to pay higher and higher rates because wind doesn't work. In the immortal words of Warren Buffett:

 “We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them."

Maybe, at long, long last, the 'green energy' scam may be winding down. Don't let up: keep the pressure on your elected officials!


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