Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Kansas: Thunderbolt Tornado Siren Re-Dedication

This is a really cool event. Federal Signal's Thunderbolt Air Raid Sirens used to blanket the center of the nation. It is believed that it was that siren, then in Wichita in 1958, that was used for the first time to warn of a tornado. That practice spread like a wildfire. 

There is just one of the original Thunderbolt sirens still in use. It is the original siren used for that first tornado warning. It has since been moved to Park City, a northern suburb of Wichita. That siren has been refurbished and restored to the way it looked when it was first purchased. It will be rededicated Saturday, at 10am, in Park City. The address:
  • Fire Station #32, 7750 N Wyandotte Way, Park City
There are going to be some very special guests and the event will be a lot of fun, including a ceremonial sounding of the Thunderbolt.

Unfortunately, I will not be there. We have a family event with the whole crew in from out of town for a special event which has been planned for months. But, I will be there in spirit. Congratulations to everyone involved in this special event!!

Addition: If you are interested in the history of tornado sirens, click here

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