Another Dangerous Rain and Snow Pattern Setting Up for California

Daily Mail Sunday
California hasn't come close to recovering from previous storms. With more on the way:

This is a situation that residents, travelers, and officials should take extremely seriously. Blizzard conditions may occur again. Regardless, extreme amounts of rain and snow are forecasted to occur.
Above is the ensemble forecast from the ECMWF model (the world's best) for the next 15 days, which takes us to the 20th of March. IF this forecast is correct or nearly correct, it could be serious or even catastrophic for the Sierra and areas downstream. Why? Take a look at the forecast below.

Snowfall for Next 15 Days

The ensemble from the Canadian model (I'm a big fan) looks very similar. 

It is not out of the question that some areas may receive more than 70 inches of snow with nowhere to put it. If I resided in the High Sierra, I would consider evacuating. Officials need to figure out a response as quickly as possible. 

Flooding is quite likely at lower elevations. 

By the way, there is a news story from a major newspaper today that global warming has caused this situation. That is utter nonsense. We need to focus on the real issue, which is how to prepare, and care for, people in the affected areas!


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