Hail in Oklahoma and Texas; Evening Wichita Snow

Quite a variety of weather in the central and southern Great Plains.

Here is a map of the hail tracks in southern Oklahoma and north Texas. 

Here is a path of the hail that fell in the DFW Metroplex. Unfortunately, the scale is in millimeters. Forty millimeters = 1.5 inches (about).
There were likely tornado touchdowns northwest of downtown Ft. Worth and just southwest of Irving. If there was damage, it was probably minor, but we don't know yet for sure. 

Update: 7:09pm, video of an Irving car dealership that was damaged by the tornado is here

In Wichita, it has been a winter with less than normal snow. 
Above is a slow motion video taken at 6:35pm. 
So, we were pleased to get a little bit of snow this evening. 


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