7-Day California Precipitation and Forecast

These are rainfall amounts to 5am, broken down to into thirds. There is a small 15" area south of Eureka. 

There are two 15 inch areas, one in the Sierra and one in the coastal mountains.  

Of course, the above are precipitation amounts: rainfall plus the moisture content of snow. As to snow, here is a photo from the mountains.
Most ski resorts are closed due to too much snow. 

Forecast Precipitation For Seven Days Ending 10a PDT March 18
Heavy rains and mountain snow are forecasted to fall again next week. Here is the 7-day precipitation forecast for California and with an enlargement of central California. 

There is a serious risk of more flooding this week. There is also the potential that more highways, including I-80, could be closed. As always, I will keep you updated. 

Extreme impacts forecasted through Tuesday.


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