High Risk of Tornadoes and Giant Hail - UPDATED 1:50pm

Thunderstorms are now developing west and northwest of Oklahoma City. These are the storms that will move into north central and northeast Oklahoma -- which are anticipated by the forecast immediately below. The radar time is 1:47pm. 

Note: You will find locations of community shelters, here

---- forecast below still valid ---

I have updated the forecast for tornadoes this afternoon and tonight. This is a serious situation. Please make sure your friends and family are aware, especially in the higher risk areas. 

Tornado Forecasts

There is an area of high tornado risk over parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri that are outlined in red. 

Late model information indicates the area of enhanced risk has grown on the south end as compared to the earlier forecast. 

Giant Hail Forecast
This is an updated forecast (11:30a) hatched area is where hail 2" or larger is forecast by SPC to fall. The higher probability (an enhanced risk) is in the area in red. The yellow area has a significant risk.

The purple area in Oklahoma is where 3" diameter hail is forecast with a relatively high probability.

Now is the time to prepare!
  • In areas with basements or if you have a storm shelter or safe room, make sure it is ready to go with bottles of water, no cobwebs, diapers if appropriate. At the time a tornado warning may be issued, remember to wear shoes and take any critical medicines with you. 
  • If you do not have a basement or storm shelter, take shelter in the middle of you home in a small room such as a closet or bath. The idea is to put as many walls between you and the tornado. Getting into the bathtub is a good idea. 
  • If you live in a mobile home, and you do not have ready access to a storm shelter, it is a good idea to go to a friend or relative's home when a tornado watch is issued. 
  • Put the car in the garage or under a carport. Bring in outdoor furniture and other items that may be blown about. 
Have at least three ways of getting a tornado warning!

I will update again this afternoon.


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