Friday, August 25, 2023

Florida Tropical Storm Outlook

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As promised, here is my tropical storm outlook for next week:
The above image is this afternoon's outlook from the National Hurricane Center. It calls for an 80% chance of tropical storm development the first half of next week. My only difference is that I would not eliminate the Keys nor the western Florida Panhandle. It is just too uncertain at this point.

All of the models I trust are showing tropical development but there is no consensus as yet as to what the path or intensity would be. 

The reason I began covering this a couple of days ago is that, 
  • The wind shear over the region is forecast to be light, which can allow for rapid strengthening. 
  • The hot water over Florida you've heard about all summer. It, too, can allow for rapid strengthening. 
Given the above, I did not want our readers to be caught off-guard. 

What can you do with this information? You can make preliminary preparations. For example, Kathleen and I were in Florida last week and I happened to see an article that asked, "Why do people buy bleach when there is a hurricane warning?" The reason is for emergency water purification. Here's how to do it. 
So, if you need any supplies that are useful in a tropical storm/hurricane situation, now would be a good time to purchase them. 

So, put this in the back of your mind. Purchase what you need so you'll have it. Then, enjoy your weekend!

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