11:25 pm EDT Idalia Update II

There will be considerable damage to the power grid in the purple area. Expect power to be out for days.
In the red areas, power outages will be somewhat less widespread and will not last as long but certainly areas will be without power for 24 hours or more.

-- original text (below) is still valid --
The eye is quite visible. Winds are up to 110 mph and the pressure down to 960mb. Further strengthening will occur during the night. 

The storm is expected to be a 130 mph Cat 4 at landfall. 
Eye Path Forecast
Remember, the most violent winds will be along and to the east of the 
eye. The storm surge with be worst in those same areas.

Sustained winds of 40mph or more will reach the coast in the region of landfall between midnight and 2am. 

No change on the surge forecast. It will reach 15' in places. 


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