Thursday, August 3, 2023

Great Late-Summer Books.....

A very fascinating look at the history of storm forecasting and warning in the United States. The book provides a good overview of several pivotal weather disasters in American history with a mind to the social and economic fallouts that spurred changes in protocols or advancements in the field of meteorology.
                                                         -- Most Recent Review at Goodreads. 
It is available from bookstores and Amazon

This is a short book with a fascinating story: a minute-by-minute recounting of the horrible Joplin Tornado of 2011. 

From a review at Amazon:  Mr. Smith's timeline and reporting of the warnings received is spot-on. The book is a short read but it makes his points clearly understandable. My son and I are alive because of my own gut instinct that came from living in Joplin since I was nine. Neither the Joplin emergency management nor the NWS played any role.

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