5:05pm Forecast for Soon-To-Be Hurricane Idalia

The satellite image of Idalia show it attempting to create an eye as of 4:26pm. This is a further sign of strengthening. 
Wind Forecast
This is the National Weather Service's digital presentation forecast of the wind gusts associated with Hurricane Idalia. 
Please note the proximity of 70 mph wind gusts to Tampa Bay. There will already be a storm surge into the bay but if either the wind field should enlarge or the storm take a track even slightly farther east, then then conditions may be worse than forecast. 

Below is the earliest likely time of arrival of 40 mph winds. 

H = Hurricane. M = Major Hurricane. S = Tropical Storm.
Anyone in the hurricane warning (red) area should be prepared for winds of 70 mph or stronger. 

Storm Surge Forecast
Storm surge warnings are in effect! Life-threatening surge likely. 
From the National Hurricane Center:
Inundation of 8 to 12 feet above ground level is expected
somewhere between Chassahowitzka and Aucilla River.  Residents in
these areas should follow any advice given by local officials.
Remember: that during the surge, water depth will be well above your head, not to mention the higher than average tides due to the approaching full moon.

Info for Tampa Bay Area Residents

Tornadoes are possible tomorrow through Wednesday, especially north of I-4 and east of Apalachicola. 

Flash flooding is possible near the path of the storm. 

Important Safety Suggestions for EV Owners!


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