As People Were Losing Their Lives and Homes, Hawaii Manager was Concerned About 'Equity'

Now we know why there were all of the reports of low water pressure while firefighters and residents were trying to fight the Lahaina, Maui, fires that -- so far -- have killed 114. The water manager, a graduate of a program sponsored by President Obama, was more concerned about 'equity' than saving lives. The almost unbelievable story is here

M. Kaleo Manuel, former deputy director of the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management, waited for more than five hours to release water during the wildfires that devastated Maui, according to reports.

Note it says, former deputy director, as he has been "reassigned." 

I tend to be anti-litigation because, most of the time, only the attorneys win. That said, I hope the survivors sue the pants of the people didn't release and water and patted themselves on the back about not sounding the "all-hazard" warning sirens. BTW, the "all-hazard" description is on the website of the people bragging about not sounding them!

This should be a lesson to our entire nation. We want everyone in America to feel valued and, as individuals, we should lend a helping hand whenever possible (have you donated to a reputable charity to assist the people in Maui?). However, government (especially) and business should never allow politics to interfere with their mission -- especially in jobs involving public safety. 

WAIT.. it gets worse!
So, let me get this straight: they didn't sound the sirens in Lahaina to try to save those people because there are no sirens in the mountains? This appears to be 'equity' raising its ugly head again?!


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