Monday, August 14, 2023

Why Lightning Avoidance Is So Critical

Here is the story of a woman who was struck by lightning and the gruesome story of her recovery. In fact, she may never recover. The Washington Post story about her is here

Very often, the survivors of lightning strikes have an awful time with their recovery. So, I urge you to consider:
  • Do not take shelter under a tree as Amber and the others (who were killed) did. 
  • Get off the water and out of swimming pools when you see storms approach and, unquestionably, when you hear thunder.
  • Get off golf courses when you see storms approach or hear thunder.
  • If you are caught out in the open, squat. Keep your hands off the ground. Your shoes should provide some insulation. If you are in a group, spread out. If a strike occurs, the number of people injured will be less, plus the uninjured will be able to summon help. 
Automobiles (provided the top is up and any sunroof is closed) provides good protection. So do buildings other than metal sheds. Get indoors when thunderstorms strike. 

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