Monday, August 28, 2023

Hurricane Warning For Florida: Idalia, 12:25p Update

Extremely dangerous, soon to be hurricane, Idalia heads toward Florida. 

The storm now has sustained winds of 65 mph and its pressure is down to 990 millibars. 

H = Hurricane. M = Major Hurricane. 
Maximum winds will be in excess of 115 mph at landfall. Red is the hurricane warning area. That includes Tampa Bay which may experience hurricane-force winds and will experience a storm surge. 

Storm surge will drown you, if you are in its path. It will be 7-12', not counting tidal effects. That means if you are 6 feet tall, the water will be over your head. 

Here is a breakdown of risks. 
Please note that 110mph winds are possible in western part of the Tampa area, including Clearwater Beach!

There is a tornado risk, which is highest in the brown area. 

There will be localized flooding. However, the area has been in a mild drought which should work to mitigate the worst of the flooding possibilities. 

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