Heads Up: Southern California

Hilary is Forecast to Become a Major Hurricane SW of Baja 
What is now Hurricane Hilary is headed toward Southern California's general direction. I don't expect wind to be much of a problem because the Hilary will likely drop below tropical storm force before crossing into the USA. 

The yellow is a tropical storm watch for Cabo and the surrounding area. 

What I do expect is serious flooding. 
Please note as much as 7-10 inches of rain is forecast to fall. This will fall relatively quickly making for washed out roads and some damage to homes. 

As the storm gets closer, we'll be able to give you more precise forecasts. Given that it is five days out, the path may shift some to the east or west. 

Stay tuned!

UPDATE:  The headline below is wrong both as to timing and wind speed.
I suspect there will be a lot of incorrect hype regarding this storm. And, I have no doubt the global warming marketing machine is working overtime on this one. Just wait a day or two. 


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