11:45am EDT Update on Developing Hurricane Idalia

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Update at 11:45am: We now have Tropical Storm Idalia
Well, that was fast. The Hurricane Hunters show the tropical depression has strengthened into Tropical Storm Idalia. 

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Here is the latest from the National Hurricane Center from their 11am advisory Idalia (pronounced, ee-DAL-ya).
S = tropical storm. H = hurricane
I have added a "caution" area between their "cone" (the white shading) and the southwest Florida Gulf coast. It would not at all surprise me to see the storm take a path a little more to the east than currently indicated. 

There is a Hurricane Hunter aircraft in the storm at this time. It is gathering data for the 1pm model run and I would expect more precise info on the path and intensity to be available when those models' output is available early this evening. 

I'll also provide additional information pertaining to hurricane preparation measures later this afternoon. 


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