Thursday, August 24, 2023

Major Tornadoes in Michigan This Evening

Tragically, Two Fatalities Caused By the Tornado 
East of Lansing
Power is out in much of Lower Michigan at this time. More than 340,000 homes = ~800,000 people. 

A strong or even violent (EF-4 or stronger) struck the Williamson - Webberville areas. There are reports of cars in trees and buildings that have collapsed. It touched down about 9:29-9:31p. The image below shows lofted debris (top image) along I-96. 

At 9:36pm, the tornado, based on radar, reached its maximum strength. 

There is a technique for measuring tornado intensity via radar. Its results are below. 

The path, derived by radar, is below. It more or less paralleled the freeway for a few miles.
The blue indicates a possible strong tornado. There is much more on the tornado, here.

Tornadoes also occurred in the north suburbs of Grand Rapids and in the west and south suburbs of Detroit. There was significant damage with the former storm. 

Downtown Detroit is at upper right. The red and white bands from NW to SE in the middle of the image represent rotation tracks. Tornadoes likely touched down where you see the white and were possible in the dark red areas. 

Second Addition:
Damaging winds and likely small tornadoes occurred in northeast Oho. 

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