August's Required Reading!!

Another reason to stop, absolutely stop, installation of utility-scale wind turbines. It is a brief, non-technical article. 

Big Climate, which prefers the graft and politics associated with global warming than solving the problem, hates nuclear. But, nuclear does not have to be as hard as President Biden's Department of Energy is making it. Please consider that France built 56 perfectly safe nuclear plants in just 15 years

Do we want to fix the problem or just wring our hands and say, "woe is us!"?

--- Addition to the Above ---
Here is yesterday's wind energy from ERCOT (Texas). The blue line shows that it dropped to a tiny 2.6% of capacity (1,000 ÷ 38,000 capacity). This is a bad, bad and expensive joke. It is an industry that wouldn't exist but for massive tax subsidies. 

As Warren Buffet said, 

--- Second Addition --- 
Shortly after the above was posted.
"Low wind power generation." As we've discussed numerous times, it is a meteorological fact that when temperatures are very hot and very cold winds are usually light. 


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