Tuesday, February 14, 2023

With Spring Rapidly Approaching....

...if you need stock photography, my collection is here

And, if you want a great read about tornadoes, hurricanes and other severe storms -- that reads like a novel but is all true -- click here. It is the perfect book for a spring vacation. It is on sale at Amazon for $14.95 right now. 

And, if you are responsible for business, school or family tornado safety, this is the book for you. Because the safety aspect is critical, it is priced at just 99¢. 

And, finally, to be sure you are awakened if a tornado, or winds of 80 mph or stronger, are approaching your home, please sign up for StormWarn. This is a service of Survive-A-Storm Shelters. You can't trust hearing the tornado sirens while sleeping. I designed StormWarn and highly recommend it. 

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