Tornado and Damaging Wind Risk Sunday

This is really a tough forecast but the risk is high enough that I want to bring it to your attention. While it is very early in the season as far north as Kansas, it looks like there will be just enough moisture when combined with the powerful low pressure system coming out of California, we have a risk of tornadoes and damaging thunderstorm winds. 

If this develops approximately as I am predicting, there will be a warning challenge in that the forward motion of the thunderstorms will be 50 to 60 mph toward the northeast. That means the storms are moving a mile each minute. 

Given the storm's fast movement combined with the fact the majority of the storms will be after dark, I highly recommend you spend just $25 to sign up for StormWarn. It will call you, even in the middle of the night, but only if a tornado warning or a warning for winds of 80 mph or stronger are expected for your home's specific location. No being awakened in the middle of night for, say, 1" hail. Click here to sign up. 

BTW: I do not receive any money from StormWarn even though I helped design it and I recorded the warning messages. I believe in this product so that, in a critical situation, you can go sleep at night during a tornado watch knowing you'll be warned in case of a dangerous situation. 


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