Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Forecast for the Blizzard was Excellent

Wyoming roadway this morning; via Twitter

While the blizzard is not over, the (per a friend of mine) complaints are already starting -- almost certainly from people not paying attention -- that "meteorologists are wrong 97% of the time" with regard to the storm. I, too, have seen an upswing of criticisms of meteorologists on social media this week. I don't know why. 

So, to head this off before it goes too far, the blizzard was excellently forecast. 

Here is my forecast (others' were similar) from back on Saturday.
I went out on a limb to make this forecast; I began the forecast sequence a day early because I knew this event would cause so much disruption it was worth taking the chance. Meteorologists do this all of the time. We stake our reputations to provide forecasts that can save lives and mitigate properly loss. 

If you hear criticism about the forecast of the blizzard, please have them contact me. I'd like to hear their concerns. 

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