Sunday, February 12, 2023

Thanks to Evergy....

...we almost got to replay an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. 

For reasons unknown, Evergy -- which spends millions telling us how wonder they are -- cannot seem to keep the lights on in our neighborhood. About every 6-8 months, in non adverse weather, we lose power.  Went out 1 1/4 hours before kickoff and it just came back on. 

We've had to spend the night in hotels several times. I haven't written about any of these until tonight because it has gotten utterly ridiculous. Yes, I've complained and they obviously don't care.

Now to the story Mary's bad parties were legendary. A congresswoman was bringing Johnny Carson as a guest. Just before they were to arrive, the power went out. Here is the scene. It is a comedy classic and is not to be missed. 
Sue Ann Nivens was played by the great Betty White. Her character loved men. 

Fortunately, we did not have a Super Bowl party this year. Good thing!

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