Blizzard Warning -- Mountains Above Los Angeles and Southern Sierra [Updated]

Blizzard warnings have extended into the southern Sierra (orange). This is going to be a major storm!

Color code:
  • Orange = blizzard warning
  • Magenta = high wildfire potential
  • Browns and golds = various high wind warnings (brown) and advisories. 
  • Pink = winter storm warning 
  • Deep green = winter storm watch 
  • Purple = winter weather advisory (lesser condition)
  • Pale blue = extremely cold wind chill
  • Navy blue = hard freeze warning
Blizzard conditions (high winds with heavy snow), heavy snowfall amounts and flooding likely over the next seven days in Southern California. 

Please note: that is more than 13 inches rain and moisture content of snow above Los Angeles. The flood  potential includes most of the state, not jus the Southland. 

Additional moderate to heavy precipitation is likely beyond seven days out. 


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