Another Ice Storm Threat for Wisconsin and Michigan

Another period of freezing rain, along with potential power failures, is in store for Wisconsin and Michigan. 

As of 5pm EST, there are still 393,000+ homes and businesses are still without power. 

This was very well predicted by the Sperry-Piltz Ice Accumulation Index. An excerpt of one of the forecasts that appeared on this blog before the storm is below. Note the prediction of major power outages.

The index is usually quite accurate. 

Unfortunately, we have a new ice storm risk for Wisconsin and Michigan. Below are the detailed maps.
Freezing rain will likely develop in Wisconsin after 1am on Monday. 

Freezing rain will likely develop after 6am Monday in Michigan. 

The details of the index are below. Click to enlarge. 
Utility crews will be strained to restore power if this develops as forecasted. Electrical outages, as a result, may last longer than usual. 


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