Monday, February 13, 2023

Winter Storm Update: 3:45pm Monday

[ Note: Updated Forecast Above ]

Hi everyone! I'm still sky-high after the Chiefs' tremendous win yesterday. 

But, now, back to business. Here is the latest snow forecast from 6pm this evening to 6pm Thursday. It is a possibility that blizzard conditions could develop in parts of the eastern Dakotas and Minnesota. 
As mentioned below, this is going to be a two-part storm. 

Part 1 is below. It is the forecast radar for 4pm Tuesday.
Polar Wx
As the rain changes to snow Tuesday night, winds will also be increasing and blizzard conditions are possible. 

Part 2's forecast radar for 9pm Wednesday.
There is also the possibility of severe thunderstorms. I'll update on that tomorrow.

I will be updating on the winter storm again this evening. 

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