Update on Winter Storms #1 and #2; Time: 3:45pm

Here is a map of National Weather Service Warnings, 
Watches, et cetera for 
Storms #1 and #2
Here is the color code:
  • Orange = blizzard warning
  • Pink = winter storm warning 
  • Deep green = winter storm watch 
  • Browns = high wind warnings and advisories
  • Magenta = wildfire danger
  • Near black = freeze warnings 
Below is the map of snowfall over the next 72 hours. The amounts from South Dakota northeast across Minnesota and western Ontario represents storm #1. The band of snow from the Four Corners to Lower Michigan is storm #2. 

Here is a snowfall close-up that includes Denver, Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines, St. Joseph and the Quad Cities. 

Storm #2 at noon on Wednesday, forecast radar. 

This is storm #2's forecast for 7am Thursday. The purple is sleet. 

Finally, the current (3:40pm radar)


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