Heavy Rains: The End of the California Drought

While the good news is that this forecast, if correct, means the end of the California drought, there will likely be flooding. Time to prepare!

Heavy to excessive rainfall will occur over California during the next ten days and, possibly, beyond. 
This will include the heaviest -- flood producing -- rains in Southern California in years. Note the small area of ten inch amounts (yellow). The Southland should begin preparations now.

Beyond the next seven days which comprise the above forecast, below is the forecast for days seven to ten. Note that an additional five inches is forecast to fall in the Southland mountains as well as large amounts in the Sierra. 

And, while it is speculative, here is the ECMWF ensemble forecast from days 10 to 14. I don't usually present forecasts this far out because they are often incorrect. However, because of the necessity for scaling preparation of a heavy rain event, I'm making an exception. This takes the precipitation forecast out to 4pm PST on March 7th. Please note the differing scales. 
I'll keep an eye on this the next few days.

ADDITION at 3:12pm PST. This is a headline from the Los Angeles Times. I agree completely. Snow level will be down to sea level in places. 


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