Have at Least Three Ways to Get Warnings!

If you are traveling to the eclipse where severe thunderstorms are forecast, it will be important to:
  1. Have WEA warnings activated on your smartphone. They will work anywhere. 
  2. Have an app like AccuWeather's.
  3. Taking your weather radio may or may not work because the location of the eclipse may have a different channel than your home location. That's why I recommend #1 and #2. 
If you are within range of the DFW radio stations, meteorologist Brad Barton on WBAP at 820 AM and 93.3 FM provides excellent severe storms coverage. I'm focusing on Texas because it has a threat of tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and large hail in the path of totality. I don't know about the radio coverage in other locales in the path of the eclipse and that also have a severe thunderstorm threat. 


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