Overnight Tornado Watch in the South (Updated 7:05p CDT)

This tornado watch is in effect until 2am EDT Wednesday. 


Forecast of strong tornadoes. 

First tornado watch of the day for the Mid-South Region
If tornadoes occur, there is the potential for them to be strong. 

Especially if you live in a mobile home (and don't have a shelter), here is a list of community shelters, with maps, in your region. 
 Tornado watch (there was one for part of the area this morning).

You wil find a detailed map of community tornado shelters here

Radar (below) is from 3:05pm CDT


This tornado watch has been cancelled west of Paducah. No part of Missouri is still in the watch. 

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BTW, watch this man being blown over by the 90+ mph winds in West Virginia this morning. 


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