Thursday, June 1, 2023

Today Begins the 2023 Hurricane Season - A Note to Readers

Dear Readers,

Based on data from Google, we have tens of thousands of new readers in the last four months. Welcome! We are very glad to have you.

As today is the first day of the 2023 hurricane season, I wish to make you aware of the goals of our hurricane coverage. 

We do not post hurricane clickbait. Our coverage typically begins 4 to 6 days in advance of U.S. or Mexico landfall (on the Atlantic side). We do not post about every wave that comes off the African coast that might, maybe, possibly result in a tropical storm 20 days later. 

While we rely heavily on the National Hurricane Center and the global models, we do adjust those forecasts at times. For example, our forecasts in the run-up to September's Hurricane Ian differed from those from
the Hurricane Center. 

We emphasize safety measures. I've had a couple of complaints about the length of some hurricane postings because of that but, in our opinion, the forecast has little value unless you know how to best use that information. 

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