Thursday, June 22, 2023

More on the Last Night's Hail Horror at Red Rocks

Last night's radar at 10:23pm 
as hail up to tennis ball size pelted Red Rocks
Here is a list of the weather conditions pertinent to the hail horror at Red Rocks Amphitheater last night. 
It is questionable that things were not stopped when lightning first arrived in the area. Having personally worked with dozens of venues across the USA, the failure to cancel the evening instantly when the severe thunderstorm warning was issued at 9:04pm, is confounding. 

One would think the venue industry would have learned its lesson in 2012 with the Indianapolis State Fair stage collapse and resulting deaths in injuries (including lifetime paralysis). 

In my work with venues, I found some attorneys have advised their clients to "play dumb" when adverse weather approaches. Their theory is that, if the venue does nothing, whatever occurs is then an "Act of God." I'm no attorney, but as a forensic meteorologist, I doubt that would play in court in 2023. 

BTW: Hail fell at Red Rocks this afternoon as I was writing this. 

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