Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tornado on Western Long Island?

As if the dense smoke wasn't problem enough, a tornado evidently struck Long Island near Westbury this afternoon around 3:45 - 3:50pm. There is a video of the storm, here

The radar is not clear, whether it be the NWS's radar on Long Island (Islip) or the Kennedy TDWR. 
However, the latter radar does have a suggestion of a hook echo in the Westbury area at about the right time. 

There was no warning of this tornado but I do not fault the NWS in this case as neither nearby radar showed much of a signature. If tornado warnings were issued on signatures like this, the false alarm rate -- already too high -- would be through the roof. 

There was a severe thunderstorm warning which called for 60 mph winds. The precautions for that level of wind (get inside, away from windows) is similar to tornado precautions, which is why those warnings should be taken seriously, especially in the East where trees and debris can be more of a hazard than on the Great Plains. 

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