Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Derecho With 100 mph Winds and 3" Hail...

Update  10:40pm, the cluster of thunderstorms which comprise the derecho as constricted in north-south extent with the resulting strongest winds near the KS-OK border. See below:
Peak winds near the arrow will be around 70 mph with less strong gusts as you move away from it in the north or south directions. 

I do not think Tulsa will receive damaging winds overnight. 

...in addition, a "couple of tornadoes" are forecast to occur.
This severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 2am CDT.  This is a highly dangerous situation.
  • If friends or family live in a mobile home, call them and suggest they spend the night. 
  • Power failures are likely. I urge you to prepare. 
  • Trees will likely fall, If you have a chain saw fill it with fuel. Fill your car with fuel (pumps and chargers don't work) in advance of losing power. 
  • Get a few extra dollars at the ATM. Cash is valuable when card-readers don't work.
  • Make sure the children are aware.
  • Pick any ripe tomatoes. 
Please monitor local weather information the rest of the evening if you live in these areas. 

Update 7:47pm:  A wind gust of 114 mph was measured in the eastern Oklahoma Panhandle.

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