Friday, June 9, 2023

Perfect Father's Day or Graduate Gift

A fascinating read. Don't miss out on it. 
Bought it as a Kindle. Now buying the 
hardcover because the book is worth reading again!
There is nothing better than a book for a Father's Day gift or gift for a graduate, especially if she or he is receiving a degree in the atmospheric sciences. 

Warnings is the story of how courageous (yes, courageous) atmospheric scientists like Dr. Ted Fujita created the storm warning system which saves thousands of lives every year. While the book is 100% true, it is written in the form of a novel which makes it an easy, gripping read.

You can purchase the book here or at your local book store (allow time to order if they do not have it in stock).

The comments above are from the most recent Amazon "verified reader" review. It is below.

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