Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Immense Suffering in Texas

The town of Matador, TX was hit hard by a tornado earlier this evening. 
There are reports of at least one fatality and many injuries but those are unconfirmed. Power is out (see below) in many areas. Update: Four people were killed.

The Houston Metro has been walloped by damaging winds this evening. 
The Doppler wind measurement (right) was measuring 100+mph winds about 3,000 feet above the ground. Unfortunately, they descended and Houston's Intercontinental Airport clocked a gust of 97 mph (METAR report below).
There are reports of aircraft overturned at Hooks Airport northwest of downtown. 

In addition to all of the damage, more than a million people ("customers" = buildings) are without power. With the record heat forecasted again tomorrow, the human suffering is going to be immense. 
This is especially bad because Tulsa, northeast Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi still have people without power from Saturday's derecho. There are people in Tulsa all the way from New Jersey working on restoration. I'm thinking it will be very difficult to find people to divert to Houston and the Texas Panhandle.

I fear people will die of heat stroke and heat exhaustion the next few days. 

I don't have any immediate solutions but if you can think of some, I'm sure they will be appreciated.

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