Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Do You Have a Holiday Gift Certificate?

If you have a gift certificate from Amazon, B&N or an independent bookseller, I would ask you to consider one of my books as a gift to yourself. If you enjoy reading this blog, you'll enjoy both books.

Warnings, written in the style of a novel, tells the exciting and amazing story of the weather scientists that risked their lives and careers to create the warning system that protects all of us and saves more than one thousand lives in the United States each year. Every review of the book has been highly positive and I invite you to read the reviews: Barnes & Noble (scroll down) or Amazon.

When the Sirens Were Silent is the story of the catastrophic Joplin tornado which caused 161 to lose their lives. I wrote the book to expose all of the things that went wrong that horrible day so they will never occur again. As you will see with the reviews, the readers (including some in Joplin that experienced the tornado) who are not associated with the National Weather Service love the book while those associated with the NWS despise it. Why? Because it tells the story of how the storm warnings failed the citizens of that city allowing scores of unnecessary deaths to occur. I'll let you read it and make up your own mind.

The paper copies of Sirens sold out within a couple of months of it going on sale but the ebook version is available. We priced the ebook very inexpensively -- $2.99 -- because we want everyone to read it, including the detailed tornado safety rules at the end. Those safety rules are broken down for home, school and work. The book is 67 pages and is a quick read.

By the way, you do not need a Kindle or Nook or other device to read Sirens. Just go to: read.amazon.com  
and it will give you the ability to read Sirens or any other ebook without a dedicated device. It is quick and easy. 

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Monday, January 15, 2018

A Frivolous Lawsuit and Two Extraordinary Papers About Global Warming

An excellent paper about global warming was brought to my attention yesterday and I wish to bring it to yours. It is by Larry Kummer and available here. The posting is well-written and easy to understand. If you really wish to get into the issue, read this essay by Larry first. Both of these have my highest recommendation.

Larry is also of the opinion is that human effects on climate are significant and require modification in the way we do business. But, climate science is often defective and riddled with advocacy. Larry suggests ways of  fixing that problem. He also urges climate science to (my words) restart the way it uses computer models and the way it communicates to non-scientists.
With that in mind, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's lawsuit against oil companies (Shell, ExxonMobil, etc.) for causing Hurricane Sandy is absurd and, from where I sit, counterproductive. It is this type of taxpayer-subsidized stunt (and that is what it is) and abuse of our legal system that validates global warming skeptics. 
And, speaking of Mr. de Blasio, the New York Times documents this recent example of hypocritical behavior that may enhance human-caused global warming:
Purring in the mild winter day, a small armada of S.U.V.s was parked Thursday morning along 42nd Street outside the New York Public Library. Inside was Mayor Bill de Blasio, at an interfaith prayer breakfast that went on for quite a while.
By divine right of mayoralty, or someone, 13 vehicles waited at the curb in a no-standing zone, among them four black S.U.V.s (three Chevy Suburbans and one Yukon XL) an ambulance, a huge E.M.S. vehicle and a police school safety van. The engines on those big boys were running while the mayor was inside, for about two hours.

To repeat the brilliant thought from Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds: "I'll believe global warming is a problem when the people telling me it's a problem start acting like it's a problem."

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pictures of the Day: Things Where They Aren't Supposed to Be

From Sky.com

If you are wondering, -53°C = -63F. Why is this person outdoors?!

The Sunny Skies in Some Areas Today May Fool You

More light snow and Arctic air on the way east of the Rockies.
Please take a look at AccuWeather's site for the snow and cold forecast for tomorrow and beyond.

Sunday Fun: THE Place to Visit in 2018

More and more people are discovering Wichita as a great place to vacation. Here is another:

Wichita, Kansas

Wichita tops my list this year for the biggest surprise and my most recommended US city to visit. When I stepped off of the plane, I had no idea what a cultural windfall I was in for. Wichita has stellar museums (such as the Mid-Atlantic All-Indian Center where I witnessed my first Pow-Wow), a fabulous local theater (Mosley Street Melodrama, also offering dinner), noteworthy living history (at Old Cowtown Museum), beautiful gardens (Botanica), and tasty eats. In fact, I ate the best breakfast of my life at Wichita’s kitschy Doo-Dah Diner. I love the free public transportation in downtown Wichita and that my age group is well represented in the city’s nightlife.
The best part of Wichita is the art; more than just murals. Keeper of the Plains, a huge steel sculpture of an Indian with his arms raised to the sun that burns nightly for 15 minutes, is something that you have to see to believe. It is mesmerizing!

And, if you are looking for a place to live and work, Wichita was just named as one of the Top Ten Cities wth the Best Work/Life Balance:
Come see us!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

False Alarm! This Time It Is a Missile Warning for Hawaii

For the Thousandth Time, Get Rid of the EAS and WEA!!
The above message was sent, via cell phone, to every smartphone in Hawaii -- resident or tourist-- this morning. It was in error. And, it took them 40 minutes to correct it. My instinct is that 30 of those minutes was spent getting their stories straight.

Added information to the original post. Here is what the EAS warning looked like in Hawaii:

Given the issues with North Korea, it is entirely possible real damage (heart attack, etc.) was done by this false alarm. I have no way of knowing at this point. This is yet another example of why these ever-expanding governmental programs often do more harm than good. Readers of this blog know that I have called for their elimination on multiple occasions. Some background:

The EAS is the obnoxious tone that interrupts your television and radio program with a weekly test. In markets like Wichita that is all it does. In Dallas, they play that silly tone before every tornado or severe thunderstorm warning -- which does nothing but slow down the dissemination of the essential information! An EAS test is below.

The theory behind the EAS is so "emergency" information can be disseminated because -- get this -- the government is concerned that TV and radio will not carry it voluntarily.

Consider: The EAS was not activated on September 11. Did you notice any problem with stations breaking in and providing coverage that terrible day? Of course not.

In a bureaucracy, nothing succeeds like failure. So, after the September 11 fiasco, the government decided it needed WEA so they can send you incorrect information over your cell phone. There has been criticism in the media this past week that the WEA system is not widely used enough. The issue, as I see it, is there are just too many preventable false alarms.

There are two types of false alarms:
  • Unpreventable. A hook echo with rotation on radar and a tornado warning is issued but no tornado occurs. That is an unpreventable. The state-of-the-science is not advanced enough to prevent all false alarms. 
  • Preventable. This like today's when government officials are goofing off or not following the correct protocol. 
There are way too many preventable false alarms. And, I am not aware of anyone getting fired for sending one of these out. The current warning system worked extremely well before WEA and without EAS. Get rid of them both.

Note: It is a proper role of government to warn people of certain hazards. It is the commandeering of smartphones and other communication systems to which I am objecting along with the lack of accountability when these avoidable problems occur.

Another addition: more on the WEA mess here

Second addition: A man had a fatal heart attack after "goodbye" call as a result of the false alarm. Story here

Does a Cold Winter Mean Fewer Summer Insects?

Not necessarily. The details here.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico: The Finest Presentation I've Ever Viewed at an American Meteorological Society Meeting

The American Meteorological Society (AMS), at its annual meeting earlier this week, presented a special forum on the United States' hurricanes of 2017. I heartily recommend the entire series of presentations.

But, if you do not have time to view all them, may I urge you to view Ada Monzon's presentation about Hurricane Maria and how it was forecasted and how it affected Puerto Rico. I promise, you will find every minute worthwhile! In my opinion, it was the finest talk ever at an AMS meeting. I received a standing ovation -- something that scientists rarely give each other.

Click here for the entire set of presentations. Go to 1:12:35 on the video if you wish to view Ada's presentation only.

This will be the only blog post because I am having a medical procedure today.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Attention Over the East

This is a new storm developing now over Texas and moving northeast over the St. Lawrence Valley.

Fantastic News: RECORD U.S. Oil Production

The United States oil production is going to soon exceed production records set in 1970

Of course, this allows us to have much more foreign policy latitude and means we are much less dependent on the Middle East and other unstable oil producing nations. It also means more jobs and a better economy in the United States. 

Thank you, fracking. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Absolutely Essential Reading

California talking out of both sides of its mouth regarding global warming. The author, Steven Hayward, catches the hypocrisy of the climate change movement red-handed. It short and I urge you to read it.

After reading it, Big Climate wants you to know its plans for the year 2028:
License to have children? Crime to question climate change? Kettles turned off?

Is this the type of world we want for us and for our children?

Big Climate is authoritarian, dangerous, and hypocritical (private jets for its leaders). I don't often ask you to forward my blog posts but I recommend forwarding this one to your friends and family.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mudslides Kill 13 in California

The latest from the Los Angeles Times.

Update on High Plains Blizzard Forecast

I would like to provide a little extra information so you can plan your middle week travels so as to avoid the developing blizzard.

Here is the forecast for 6pm CST Wednesday:

The forecast for 12:01am Thursday.

The forecast for 6am Thursday.

Finally, the forecast for 10am Thursday. After that, the storm begins to slowly weaken.
Blue is snow with the darker colors forecasting heavier rates of snowfall, green is rain, purple is mixed precipitation and red is freezing rain.

There will be wind gusts to nearly 50 mph in the High Plains with this storm. I recommend getting your travel done before the storm begins. I also recommend, if you live in the affected areas, to have enough essentials to get you through three days without power should that occur.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Congratulations Phil, Ali, Becky and Justin!

The American Meteorological Society has recognized our team for its flash flood warning in Mexico that prevented a catastrophic train derailment. The storm was in a data-sparse area yet our technology and their ingenuity allowed them to make an outstanding forecast for the largest railroad in Mexico.

The team recently posted this sign at the entrance to the AccuWeather Extreme Weather Center. Every one of our meteorologists and developers are champions. The best of the best!

Blizzard Possible

Blizzard conditions are likely in the area shaded in deep blue. This includes I-70 and I-80 and points northeast. I recommend getting any travel you may have to do over before the storm arrives. Please note that this storm may affect the airline hubs in Denver and Minneapolis.

Potential Trouble Brewing

Beijing and water resources.

By building increasing control over cross-border water resources, China is dragging its neighbours into high-stakes games of geopolitical poker over water-related issues. In waging water wars by stealth, China seeks to hew to the central principle enunciated by the ancient military theorist Sun Tzu: “All wars are based on deception.”

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Be Careful: Slick Roads in Spots

The area in purple is where there may be slick spots tomorrow morning due to light freezing rain. Use caution!

From the Man Who Predicted the Arctic Would be Ice Free by 2013

Tweet of the Week:
Global warming: The one and only 'scientific' hypothesis that can never be falsified!