Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Lucid Explanation of Net Neutrality

One that covers the real issues in an easy-to-read manner.

Keep in mind that seven years ago net neutrality (a misnomer) did not exist and the internet was growing fine. That said, I agree there are some arguments for keeping it.

Yes, Business and Enterprises Can Mitigate Extreme Weather!

With the recent California wildfires and the recent run of hurricanes, I have heard C-level business executives bemoan that what they perceive to be an intractable problem: mitigating the effects of these mega-storms on their enterprise in a meaningful way.

As someone who has specialized in storm communication, warning and mitigation for four decades, please allow me to assure you: It can be done! And, it can be done with experts that protect your specific enterprises' people, property and profits.
Give yourself a wonderful holiday gift: Peace of mind. That when a natural disaster threatens, you don't worry because your company has the best protection possible. Just start here:  .

The Polar Bear

The world has grieved over a video (screen grab below) of an obviously suffering polar bear.
Some are, unfortunately, attributing the condition of the polar bear to global warming.
However, it is likely global warming is not the cause of that polar bear's unfortunate condition. Below is a portion of a series of tweets from Dr. Jeff Higdon, a wildlife biologist. While he believes human-caused global warming is a serious issue, he emphatically believes that is not an issue with this polar bear.
Via Twitter
It is a shame that atmospheric science has been corrupted by the impulse to make everything about global warming.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Amazon -- Finally!!

At long, long last: Amazon has Warnings fully back in stock in time for Christmas sales.
Bookloons Review
If you enjoy reading this blog, you'll enjoy reading Warnings.

Please note that this blog has no advertising other than for my books. If you enjoy reading this blog, you will certainly enjoy Warnings. Click here for more.

"Some Politicians On the Left See the Fires as a Convenient Partisan Tool"

A detailed analysis of the California wildfires and a respected university meteorologist's conclusion they are not related to global warming.

BTW: I agree.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"This Account of People Who Do Something About the Weather Should Appeal to Just About Anyone Who Enjoys Tallking About It"

The title of this post is what Publishers Weekly had to say about Warnings. Below is their entire review:
Click to enlarge. 
Your family member or friend who enjoys reading about weather or is a weather buff will love the book. There are three ways to order it.

Barnes & Noble, click here.
Amazon, click here.
Watermark Books*, click here.

*Watermark is an independent bookseller. You can purchase Warnings in person (Wichita) or via mail order. There are many who wish to support independent booksellers. This would be an opportunity.

You can also purchase it at your local bookstore. If they do not have it in stock, it is easy for them to order.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Light Bulb (Finally) Illuminates

The light bulb illuminates: It finally occurred to someone in the global warming community that jetting off the Bali, Copenhagen, Cancun, Paris (all locations of recent climate conferences) and now New Orleans is not the best way to convince the rest of us to cut our "carbon footprints."

Would YOU Want to Tell Him He Cannot?!

H/t: Instapundit.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holiday Gift Bulletin: "Warnings" Back in Stock at Amazon

At long last, Amazon has Warnings back in stock. 
As I understand it, they actually have six copies in their warehouse but, for some reason, are only displaying two on its web page.

If you are not familiar with Warnings, here is an unsolicited review:
click to enlarge
There are two options for purchasing.
  • To order from Amazon, click here.
  • To order from Watermark Books (5 copies in stock), click here
  • To purchase in-person at Watermark, their home page is here. Watermark is the leading book seller in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. 
BTW: Watermark is a nationally-known bookseller based in Wichita. They bring many outstanding authors into Wichita on their book tours. Below are Dave Barry, Kathleen and myself when we was recently in town to promote Best. State. Ever. 
If you inclined to purchase your books from an independent bookseller, I highly recommend Watermark. They will take great care of your order. 

Photo of the Day

Meanwhile, the effects of the wildfires continues in California. Here is a summary.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Forecast Snow Amounts in the Northeast

Traveling, you'll want to check with your airline or ground transportation provider to see if they are on time or cancelled.

Below is the latest model forecast of snowfall. It does not forecast the snow accumulation (warm ground may melt some of the snow that falls).

Snow on the Ground as of 7am

Click to enlarge

Two Areas of Concern in the South

Tornado Risk in Florida.
The area with brown tinting has a signifiant risk of tornadoes. This includes the Tampa and Orlando areas.

Heavy Snow.
The outlined area, which includes Birmingham and parts of the Atlanta Metro will have heavy snow at times. This will cause serious traffic difficulties.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Horrible Day in Southern California

This photo from the DrudgeReport shows what it looks like to be in Southern California today, even if you are not in a fire area.
As to the latest fire coverage, just go to AccuWeather.

1pm: Another update from AccuWeather, especially important if you are planning to travel to the Southland this weekend.

Beef Is Essential!

Since this is a science blog, I always want to publish about science when it is delicious.
Experts admitted surprise at the findings because so many other studies have linked red meat to physical health risks. 
The team made the link after a study of 1000 Australian women. 
Professor Felice Jacka, who led the research by Deakin University, Victoria, said: "We had originally thought that red meat might not be good for mental health but it turns out that it actually may be quite important. 
"When we looked at women consuming less than the recommended amount of red meat in our study, we found that they were twice as likely to have a diagnosed depressive or anxiety disorder as those consuming the recommended amount. 
"Even when we took into account the overall healthiness of the women's diets, as well as other factors such as their socioeconomic status, physical activity levels, smoking, weight and age, the relationship between low red meat intake and mental health remained.
The entire article is here. Hope you read it over a good hamburger.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Congratulations Wichita and Spirit Aerosystems!

737's being manufactured in Wichita
Spirit Aerosystems, based in Wichita, already the manufacturer of much of the Boeing 737 (9,723 built since 1966), large parts of the 787-Dreamliner, and many other airplanes announced a few minutes ago that they are expanding their facilities. They are going to add 1,000 new jobs and spend $1 billion on their expansion in our city. 

Tom Gentile, CEO of Spirit, said they had received bids from all over the world to locate this business. Mr. Gentile said they chose Wichita as it was the best location with the most qualified workers. 

Congratulations Wichita and Spirit. 

Worsening Forecast For Los Angeles, San Diego, and Southern California

This is the forecast for Thursday:
"Extreme" is the worst category. I fully expect additional fires today and especially tomorrow. The fires often start because high winds (forecast up to 70 mph in this case) down power lines. The sparks cause the fire.

Dr. Cliff Mass has an intriguing proposal to turn off power when forecasts of extreme fire conditions are in effect. Suggest reading his blog posting at the red link.

-- update --

Here is a forecast from the NWS Los Angeles with forecast winds for 4am Thursday PST.
This is an extraordinarily serious situation. It does make one wonder if turning off the electricity in the areas with the highest forecast winds for a few hours would be an effective mitigation measure as Dr. Mass suggests.

Hurricanes and Global Warming

Here is some wisdom on hurricanes and global warming from Bjorn Lomborg.