Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Fun: "The Best Pizza in Every State"

Here is an article about the best pizzeria in each state.

In Kansas, they picked Ziggies. Since Wichita is the founding home of Pizza Hut, you would expect our entrepreneurs to make great pizza and they do. I like Ziggies and have been there several times.

However, the best pizza in Wichita and Kansas is Picassos. Amazing.


Leawood, Kansas, Thursday
Happy Father's Day to the most under-appreciated segment of society. I love the display of ties.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Amazing Kansas Sky

No photoshop. No adjusting the digital files. That is the way the storms developing over eastern Kansas looked at 8:50pm. The radar at the time is below.

And, a taste of the lightning.

Kansas is an amazing, under appreciated place.

Ohio Valley Region: Significant Tornado Risk Today

There is a significant risk of tornadoes later today in the brown area from Quincy and St. Louis across Salem and Lake Carlyle and then to Indy and Cincinnati. Please keep an eye on the weather later today.

There is also a risk of very damaging thunderstorm straight-line winds in Oklahoma and parts of
northwest Texas. Winds in this area are forecast to gust higher than 75 mph. This could cause power failures along with damage due to toppling trees and items blowing about. It would be a good idea to bring in lawn furniture and put your car inside.

Only in Washington: People Who Are Supposed to Research Farmers Protesting Being Near Farmers

Brian Lowry, McClatchy, DC
The above photo is of Washington-based US Department of Agriculture (USDA) employees, whose jobs are researching farming and agriculture, turning their backs (protesting) on the announcement they will have to move to Kansas City to be near, you know, farmers. The USDA also wants them to be near Kansas State University and the other land grant colleges that do so much research in agriculture and agricultural security.

Of course, I realize the protesters have friends and family and a lifestyle. But, in theory, they are supposed to be "civil servants" and their jobs exist to serve the people of the United States. So, they can transfer to other jobs or resign.

On numerous occasions, most recently here, I have strongly advocated for dispersing the federal government. This is a small step in that direction. Considering their job is directly related to farming, moving them out of Washington, DC into farm country is a very good thing.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Dumbest Comment of the Month


"Why Don't You Point Out the Silly Arguments of the Anti-Global Warming Side?"

Those who follow me on Twitter saw that question posted to me last week. It is a fair question.

Most of the reason I don't post pro-CAGW (catastrophic anthropogenic [human-caused] global warming) information more often is that the science on the pro-catastrophic side is very weak.

But, the better response to the scientists' question is in what I do not post. Below is a clever, wonderful
editorial cartoon that I would have loved to run. Very clever and insightful. I grabbed a screen shot and started researching the point it made. And, while it is a great editorial cartoon, it is factually incorrect. Therefore, it didn't get posted. And, more, because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm not letting you see it because it would -- incorrectly -- put some pro-global warming people in a bad light.

That said, I could see where this (invisible) censoring might lead to the incorrect impression I don't have high standards for what goes onto this blog or that I run only pro-skeptical science. That isn't correct.

"The Moral Case For Honest and Competent Climate Science"

An important contribution to the climate debate was made last week when WattsUpWithThat published a piece by Christopher Monckton of Great Britain titled, The Moral Case for Honest and Competent Climate Science. The piece discusses foundational scientific errors currently being made by many in the field of climatology. For those, I urge you to read the entire piece. However, I wanted to excerpt his moral argument as to why the policies of Al Gore and Big Climate should be anathema to humanity.

The International Energy Agency defines “access to electricity” as the ability to switch on the equivalent of a single 60-Watt light-bulb for about four hours. Even on this hardly generous definition, the IEA finds that some 1.3 billion people worldwide – a sixth of the global population – have no access to electricity.
Without power, life is poor, nasty, brutish and, above all, short. Life expectancy in regions without electricity – sub-Saharan Africa, for instance – is little better than 60 years. In the European countries, it is more like 80 years.
Yet since 2010 the World Bank, one of the plethora of unelected supranational institutions to which democratic nations are unwisely transferring great power and wealth, has refused to lend to developing countries for coal-fired electricity generation – because global warming.
From this year onward, that hideous, stony-faced, flint-hearted entity will not led to poorer countries for extraction of coal, oil or gas either – because global warming.
In Western countries, too, the crippling cost of global-warming policies is causing real harm. Britain’s last aluminum smelter was forced to close some years ago, killed by savage real increases in the cost of electrical power for the furnace. The British Steel Corporation, the country’s last major steelworks, has just gone into bankruptcy. Again, the major reason for the collapse is the cost of electrical power, absurdly inflated not by market forces but by governmental fiat – because global warming.
Jobs in the West and lives in the South – millions of them every year – are being destroyed because affordable electricity is unavailable. More than 4 million people a year die of particulate pollution from open [indoor] cooking fires because they have no electricity. Half a million women [annually] die in childbirth chiefly because there is no electrical power. These are just some of the tens of millions who die annually because they cannot so much as switch on a light.
A growing fraction of these job losses and deaths arise not because the rate of global warming is dangerous – it isn’t – but because official policies intended (whether piously or not) to mitigate global warming are, in their effect, genocidal.
The global welfare loss arising from policies to mitigate global warming very greatly outweighs even the vastly-exaggerated benefit imagined by true-believers in the cult of Thermageddon. That is why it is essential to get global-warming science right. Not merely the jobs of vulnerable working people but the very lives of tens of millions in developing countries are at stake.

More than ever, Big Climate is giving the game away: they don't like humans very much and they like prosperous people even less.
I've made the point many times that in the wake of the ideology-driven, poor excuses for 'science' that form the basis for the most extreme claims of global warming disaster, climatology will lose much of its credibility, if it hasn't already. What happens then if there is a genuine crisis involving climate in the future? No one will believe them.

Is global warming a problem? Yes! Does it require mitigation and adaptation measures? Yes! But, it is a mild problem and not an existential crisis that requires sacrificing millions of human beings. The morality of global warming, as described by the MSM and much of Big Climate, is upside, down. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

While on the Subject of Meteorological Accuracy

I want to salute meteorologist Joe Crain who was fired for standing up for scientific ethics and meteorological accuracy by refusing to "hype" storms as ordered by corporate executives. The backstory is here.

In the late 1970's, during a drought, I was ordered to change a long-range forecast from continued dryness to rainy weather. I refused; fortunately, I was not fired. I know of other cases where meteorologists, at risk to their careers, have refused to hype storms for ethical and scientific reasons.

Continuing my analogy to Wall Street (below), where were the public denunciations or resignations when firms were hyping 'junk' mortgage instruments which caused the 2008 crash?

I'm very proud to be part of this profession.

Meteorology: By Far, the Most Successful Predictive Science

Click to see entire chart
Weather science is amazing. It has amazing predictive skill compared to the other predictive endeavors.

And, think about this: Very few meteorologists make more than $150,000 (most significantly less). A tiny number more than $250,000. Of the people surveyed by the Wall Street Journal, almost all make into the seven figures. We save lives. They do not.

There is no question that meteorologists, as a rule, are underpaid and, most of all, under-appreciated.