Friday, June 23, 2017

Thanks For the 5-Star Review

Thank you for the latest 5-Star Amazon review from a verified purchaser. It is much appreciated.

Ohio Valley Tornado Threat Today

There is an area with a significant tornado risk today and that is in the southern Ohio Valley.
If you live in the area shaded in brown, I recommend you keep an eye on the weather.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday 10:45am: Tornado and Flood Threat From Cindy

Cindy, itself, is inland and weakening. However, the threat for tornadoes and serious flooding continues.

Here is the latest on the tornado threat from Tropical Storm Cindy:
The area in brown is the significant threat area for tornadoes until 7am Friday.

Heavy rain has fallen throughout the central Gulf Coast region. Below is the actual rainfall for the last seven days. I chose that number to illustrate how saturated the ground is already. More than ten inches have fallen in the purple areas.

Here is the forecast for additional rainfall until 7am Monday.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Major Flood Threat

I continue to be concerned about serious flooding as rainfalls up to eight inches are forecast with Tropical Storm Cindy. Please keep advised as to local forecasts and warnings.

Spectacular Weather Video

This is just terrific.

FRACTAL - 4k StormLapse from Chad Cowan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flood and Tornado Risk: Gulf Coast

With the weak system in the tropics headed for the Texas-Louisiana area, here are some forecasts I want to bring to your attention.

There is a significant risk of weak tornadoes (but all tornadoes are dangerous) along the immediate Gulf coast. There have already been tornado warnings this morning.

The more widespread threat is flooding.
Here is the rainfall among forecast for the next three days. Flooding is a possibility in the areas with heavier rains. 

Update on "Warnings"

There are a few hardcover copies around still. While Amazon is out of hard cover copies, one of its suppliers says they have at least one.

There are two other alternatives: If you wish to obtain a hard cover copy, personally autographed, send $25.00 (including tax and shipping) to: Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC, 4031 N Tara, Wichita, Kansas 67226. Be sure and let us know how you want the autograph to read.

The second is to read it on Kindle, Nook or Amazon's free cloud reader. The ebook version has eight extra photos we were not able to get into the hardcover version.

Happy Reading!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

This is a Terrible Day to Fly

Wow, it has been a long time since I have seen a list of airports, coast-to-coast, with serious weather problems this long. Here it is as of 9:55am CDT:
  • Boston
  • DFW International
  • Dallas Love
  • Newark
  • JFK
  • Los Angeles
  • LaGuardia
  • Philadelphia
  • Seattle
And, this is just the beginning. Strong thunderstorms are forecast to begin after noon Central / 1pm Eastern in the yellow and orange areas.
This means that Washington, Baltimore, the Washington, Albany and Richmond airports will get into the act and that Raleigh and Charlotte may, also. Atlanta may have a non-severe thunderstorm. 

You might think, "But, I am flying to Minneapolis, which isn't on your list." True. But, with planes going back and forth to hubs the problems quickly spread. So, here is what I suggest:
  • If there is an earlier flight, take it. Earlier is better when thunderstorms threaten.
  • Patience, patience, patience. 
  • Buy snacks and water but no so much you'll get stuffed. With thunderstorms comes turbulence.
  • The information on the airline's web sites are often better than what the employees can tell you at the airport.
  • Finally, they won't do much for you because this is due to "weather." If it looks really bad, get a hotel room on your dime. Rebook from your room. Some of the airlines have a "we'll call you back" feature. Use it. 
Good luck!!

I Have a Relative That Says This

Via Twitter.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Fun: "Picnic" and the Tornado

Via The Wichita Eagle
A fascinating vignette from a story about the restoration of a Kansas bridge made famous by the movie, Picnic. The Wichita Eagle explains in the story about the bridge and its fame,

While the movie was being filmed in Kansas, Udall was struck by a tornado, killing more than 75 people, injuring more than three-fourths of the town and destroying 192 buildings.
After the Udall tornado, the Hollywood film crew turned to Cecil Carrier, a local weather TV forecaster, to help soothe the nerves of Novak. 
She wanted to have a personal briefing each day, because she was frightened of tornadoes.

Read more here:
Because there was zero warning, the Udall tornado, which killed 77 (out of a population of 500), was an especially terrifying event. I had never heard about Cecil and Kim Novak. Thank you, Beccy Tanner, for your interesting story!

BTW: Significant tornadoes are much less common in Kansas than people from outside the Great Plains believe. It was 55 years (Greensburg) before another tornado of that type occurred again in our state.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

If You Are Flying East Monday... looks like a mess. This is SPC's forecast of severe thunderstorms from 7am Monday to 7am Tuesday. Yellow (15%) is the significant threshold. The red area is double that. It is forecasting the chance of large hail and damaging thunderstorm winds.
If this is a good forecast, the airlines will melt down. So, I suggest the following:

  • See if the airline will let you go tomorrow.
  • Or, go Monday morning when the thunderstorms will be less widespread.
If you are flying Monday afternoon or evening, be prepared for major delays. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Heads Up: Kansas, Northern Oklahoma, Western Missouri

A very strong line of thunderstorms is moving across Kansas overturning 18-wheelers, causing small tornadoes and power failures. It looks like it will sweep across Wichita and Topeka in the next few hours and into western Missouri and northern Oklahoma before it is finished.

  • Please monitor local television and radio.
  • Prepare for power failures that may last more than a few hours.
  • Take care of infirm friends and relatives well before the storms arrive.
  • Put the car in the garage.
  • Bring in lawn furniture and trampolines and other items that might blow about.
This will be my only blog update on these storms. Follow me on Twitter:  @usweatherexpert 

And, They Want Us to Send Them More Money So They Can 'Fight' Global Warming

According to the Associated Press, the WHO routinely has spent about $200 million a year on travel expenses—more than what it spends to fight AIDS and hepatitis ($70.5 million), tuberculosis ($59 million), and malaria ($61 million) combined.

The story is here. The WMO's (United Nations' World Health Organization) plan for combatting global warming is here and it says,

in 2015, the WHO Executive Board endorsed a new work plan on climate change and health. This includes: 
  • Partnerships: to coordinate with partner agencies within the UN system, and ensure that health is properly represented in the climate change agenda.
  • Awareness raising: to provide and disseminate information on the threats that climate change presents to human health, and opportunities to promote health while cutting carbon emissions. 
  • Science and evidence: to coordinate reviews of the scientific evidence on the links between climate change and health, and develop a global research agenda. 
  • Support for implementation of the public health response to climate change: to assist countries to build capacity to reduce health vulnerability to climate change, and promote health while reducing carbon emissions.
I, for one, am certainly glad they are "raising awareness" because no one has never heard of global warming or climate change, right?

One of the Instapundit commenters said,
Fact: Malaria in Africa is an annual catastrophe: One million easily and inexpensively preventable deaths each year. We know exactly how to solve this problem and save these lives.

Given these deaths are easily preventable and we have no idea what would occur (Better weather, worse weather? We don't know.) if we lowered CO2 levels, let's take care of malaria. Then, ask for funds to combat global warming.