Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How Much Rain the Past Week?

Here is the rainfall for the 24-hours ending at 7am:
(click to enlarge)
And, here is the 7-day rainfall.

Devastating Texas Floods

As one meteorologist noted yesterday, the four-year drought was broken in four weeks. This reminds me of 1957 when the terrible drought of the early to middle 1950's was broken in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for droughts to be broken by floods.  

I covered the terrible flooding in Austin on the blog yesterday.

Below is a tweet regarding the flooding on I-45 in Houston overnight and this morning.

Photo below is from the Houston Chronicle:
Residents of Houston are being urged not to drive to work today. At Hobby Airport, Southwest flights are delayed an average of 80 minutes because employees and crews cannot get to the airport. Fifty-two thousand homes and businesses are without power. At least two people have drowned.

And, in Dallas, there are departure delays because of a sinkhole that has opened up in one of the runways!
I am hoping that the advance forecasts (this is just one example) were helpful in mitigating these disasters. Regardless, I wish

I Blame Global Warming

Look out Great Britain!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Last Weather Update for the Day

I have been monitoring the weather for you since 10am, so I am going to have to call it an evening.

#1. New tornado watch in southeast Texas, including Houston.

#2. Austin has had what local officials are calling "historic" flooding. Please remember, "turn around, don't drown." It will take hours for the waters to recede.

#3. Two areas of flooding likely in Kansas.
I've circled the new area of flash flood threat in central Kansas.

Several spots in south central Kansas received more than two inches. Given the saturated ground, additional rains will cause flooding.

#4. Damaging tornadoes have occurred in eastern Oklahoma.

That is it for this evening. Please keep up with local weather information and with me on Twitter @usweatherexpert.

Flood Situation in Kansas

The green is a flash flood warning. The small yellow area = 6" of rain! Heavy rain is still falling in the area I have outlined on top of where 3" (purple) that have already fallen.

Also note I-135 south of Assiria. There may be some minor flooding in that area.

Potential Heavy Rain Situation

I'm starting to become concerned the storms are lining up and could cause heavy rain in the oval I've outlined. Given saturated ground, flash flooding may result. Keep an eye on this, please.

Flooding, Tornado, and Damage in Austin Area

There are reports of tornado damage in the red polygon. Throughout the area -- which was hard-hit by flooding Saturday night -- will be hard hit again.

The graphic below is a dual polarization rainfall measurement.
The light blue = 3.5" of rain. The bright green = 6.6" inches! I left the lightning on to show how dangerous these are.

In the colored areas and downstream, life threatening flooding may occur soon or during the next few hours. In the red polygon, a tornado is possible.

Flash Flood Emergency in Austin

NWS has issued a flash flood emergency for the Austin area for life-threatening flash flooding.

In addition there are two tornado warnings in the red polygons.

Kansas Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Severe thunderstorm watch for Kansas for large hail and damaging winds. I do not usually post severe thunderstorm watches but I am making an exception because of the holiday weekend.

First Warning in Kansas

One inch hail reported at Goddard, Kansas, storms moving NNE. Damaging winds also possible.

Tornado Warning: Austin Area

I've circled the location of the tornado at 3:15pm, moving ENE. People in the red polygon need to take shelter now.

Additional Tornado Watch: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma

This watch extends from the southern Ozarks to central Texas until 10pm.

Red Polygons are Tornado Warnings

The storms are developing so fast over such a large area I cannot keep up with everything. So, if you are in a threatened area, please monitor local sources as well as this blog.

Storm Update 2:34pm

Time for residents of the Dallas area and Waco area to monitor the storms.

See below taken moments ago SW of Waco.

In both cities, there is a threat for tornadoes, large hail, very heavy rain, flash flooding and lightning the next few hours.

Important Note:

For the time being, I'm monitoring the storms from Kansas to Texas. Most of the warning-type information I send out via Twitter as:  @usweatherexpert .