Saturday, March 28, 2015

Global Warming: Fire & Brimstone

The literal religion of global warming continues to spread:
I'll continue to walk the path of science and be a deeply skeptical about catastrophic global warming, thank you.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tornado Watch: Plan Ahead

Ric Smith of the National Weather Service in Norman made a good point Wednesday morning: When a tornado watch is in effect, plan ahead to keep yourself out of traffic jams when the storms actually form. Watches are usually issued hours in advance of the storms. That is the time to adjust your schedule. He the Moore tornado been slightly farther north, these people would have been in peril.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

AccuWeather's Service to its Clients During the Moore Tornado

Photo of Moore tornado by AccuWeather meteorologist Frank Strait
Last week, there was media coverage of AccuWeather's new computer model that specializes in forecasting extreme weather. So, you might wonder how it did with yesterday's tornado in Moore. Answer? Amazingly well.
It forecast two tracks of supercell thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes across central Oklahoma. The southern track was quite close to Moore. This served to reinforce to our meteorologists that tornadoes were quite possible in central Oklahoma. 

Our team did an outstanding job of warning our clients of the tornado itself. We have prepared a report and it is available here

What Did Microsoft Learn About AccuWeather's Services to our Clients?

A fascinating white paper from Microsoft about how accurate, timely information is used by businesses to save people, property and profits.

Our team did an amazing job with the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado yesterday and with other severe weather throughout the region. Read the paper and learn how your business can benefit by partnering with AccuWeather.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sample of the Oklahoma City Tornado Coverage

If you've never seen the coverage from the Oklahoma City TV stations during a tornado, it is amazing. This is from the CBS affiliate. KFOR (NBC) also does an outstanding job.

Longer Tornado Warning Lead Times? BAD Idea!

An Oklahoma representative wants to pressure the National Weather Service to issue tornado warnings one hour in advance. That is a terrible idea.

Multiple, convincing studies demonstrate that 15 minutes is the optimal lead time for a tornado warning. Why?
  • People will only stay in basements, bathtubs and closets for so long.
  • More than 18 minutes, the death rate goes up. This is likely due to the warning losing its urgency.
  • As we saw, twice, in central Oklahoma in 2013, people without basements will hit the highways, likely putting themselves in more danger with they have more notice. 
  • The false alarm rate will go up, possibly way up.
The death rate (deaths per million population) has been cut 97% by the tornado warning system. A Nobel Prize-worthy achievement. Unfortunately, in an attempt to get at that last 3%, a lot of bad ideas  have been implemented and proposed. 

Congress should vote this one down. 

End of Coverage for the Night

Hope the storm coverage has been beneficial. There are still many severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings, so please continue to monitor the weather if it looks threatening in your region.

"KOMA" Towers Downed

Those who have lived in the Oklahoma City area for any length of time was familiar with the "KOMA" Radio Towers (now KOKC1520). It was three towers in a row west of Moore. Two were downed by the tornado and the third (picture) was damaged.

Oklahoma Summary 7:29pm

Here is the radar at 7:29pm.

There is damage in the Tulsa area, primarily in the Sand Springs area. There are 10-12 mobile homes destroyed along with conventional buildings.

There is just one tornado warning out now (red polygon) to the north of Talehquah.

Below is a gymnastics studio that was destroyed in Sand Springs. All 60 children were OK.

Damage in Moore Area

We don't know the full extent of the damage in OKC and Moore. Here are a couple of photos via KFOR TV (my old station) and KOCO TV.

Note the flag in the background.
 There are three minor injuries reported, so far.

KFOR helicopter had video of the tornado with power flashes.

Tornado Threat Over in OKC Itself

RADAR at 7:06pm. Pronounced hook headed toward Shawnee, Pink, Tecumseh and Stella. There is a tornado threat this area. Take cover if weather looks threatening.

UPDATE: 7:05PM, tornado threat near Stella with the threat moving ESE toward Tecumseh.

Here are the radars as of 6:57pm.

There is still a circulation east of Moore. People east and east southeast of the circulation should be prepared for the possibility of very damaging winds.

Tornado threat for OKC and Moore is over.

TORNADO WARNING AND High Winds and Large Hail Threat for Oklahoma City Metro

Includes Cleveland and Oklahoma Counties.
I have circled one of the tornado locations. 

UPDATE 6:34pm.
The very high winds are circled. Damage possible

Purple and deep red is hail at the same time. Moving ESE.

 Above, I've circled the area with the potential for 70 mph wind gusts.

Above, the area between Piedmont and Union City may have hail up to an inch or so. The storm is moving ESE.

Latest on Tulsa Tornado Threat

Two areas of rotation (circles). The one further to the east has produced at least two tornadoes with at least some damage. The areas enclosed in the red polygons are tornado warnings.
The storms are moving ESE. Take cover in the polygons!