Monday, August 31, 2015

Can't Do Anything Without An Acronym

Secretary of State John Kerry said today at an Arctic conference in Anchorage that “anybody running for any high office in any nation in the world” should visit a place where the “seismic challenge” of climate change is happening “and inform themselves about this.”
“And we as leaders of countries will begin to witness what we call climate refugees moving – you think migration is a challenge to Europe today because of extremism, wait until you see what happens when there’s an absence of water, an absence of food, or one tribe fighting against another for mere survival,” Kerry told the Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement, and Resilience (GLACIER) Conference.
Climate scientists, like atmospheric scientists, can't do anything without an acronym. Calling it the Arctic Climate Conference (for example) is out of the question. 

This climate conference was in Anchorage and the next is in Paris. But, hey, it is taxpayer money they are spending while they run up their carbon footprints. As we have noted -- many times -- it is also not possible to have the conference in a reasonably priced venue like Wichita or Minneapolis. It they were really concerned about lowering carbon footprints, they would have the conference via Skype or, at least, in an inexpensive, central location. 

ABC News: $9/Gallon for Gasoline, $12/Gallon For Milk Due to Global Warming

ABC News did a special in 2009 forecasting the horrors of global warming in 2015. They were only off by 75% based on the price of gasoline in Wichita today. 

Over and over and over and over again, Big Climate gets it wrong. Yet, it never seems to affect their confidence and their forecasts of catastrophe. 

Maybe it should. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tenth Anniversary of Poor Quality News Reporting on Katrina

It is almost hard to believe how bad the news reporting was on Katrina's aftermath.

WeatherData, Inc. (now AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions), by 10am on the 29th, had informed its clients that the levees had breached. As I write in Warnings, I boarded a business flight late the morning of the 29th and, when I reached my hotel in Charlotte, I turned on the television and expected to see non-stop coverage of the rising waters. I was flabbergasted that, even on "Nightline" at 11:30pm, there was no realization that things were getting worse rather than better. People were literally drowning due to the rising water yet no one outside New Orleans (and our clients) seemed to know about it.

On the 30th, the networks finally reported that New Orleans had flooded but got just about everything else wrong.

If you would like to learn about what went wrong with the news coverage, in addition to my book, Warnings, you can click here, here and here. The last link is to an article about the utter political confusion that, to be fair, made covering the aftermath of Katrina even more difficult.

This Week's Rainfall

Very heavy rains expected from the remains of tropical storm Erika.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Climate Alarmists Weep"

I wonder how many pre-written, canned press releases by Big Climate about the horrors of Hurricane Erika are being shredded at this very moment (see below).

H/T: Thanks to Steve Goddard for the headline.

Tropical Update


Tropical storm Erika is dissipated. 

Hurricane Igancio is still expected to pass north of the Hawaiian Islands but will cause high surf over the region. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

The State of Science Education

I even replayed it to insure I heard what I thought I heard,

"They are suspending the game due to heavy rain and a big clap of thunder anticipating some lightning." was stated a moment ago by an announcer for the Kansas City Chiefs pre-season game.

25th Anniversary of the Plainfield Tornado

What I wrote on the 20th anniversary still applies.

Double Tropical Storm Update

AccuWeather forecasts Erika to move up near the west coast of Florida. We continue to forecast it will be of tropical storm strength when it does.

The NWS forecasts Ignacio to miss the Hawaiian Islands to the north. It will cause very high surf on the north (windward) sides of the islands.

Carbon Credits: "It Is Like the Whole Thing is Just One Big Scam"

No kidding. In fact, there is evidence carbon credits have increased emissions of carbon dioxide. More here.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hurricanes 101 For the "Huffington Post"

Dear Huffington Post,

"Katrina" and the damage it produced was caused by a HER-A-CANE. It was a very big, round storm that came in from the Gulf of Mexico to Louisiana and Mississippi (after Florida). 

At one time, Katrina had wind gusts above 160 mph and piled water more than 25 ft. above sea level. 

The damage was not caused by pipeline construction or any of the other items in your story. The damage was caused by the very big HER-A-CANE. Here is a book that I think would be fun and educational for you and your buddies to read. Then, perhaps, you will write a story that is correct next time. 

Your friend, Michael

Double Hurricane Trouble

In the Atlantic:
This forecast is exceptionally uncertain both as to path and intensity.

In the Pacific:
Hawaii threatened again.

If you live in Hawaii, Florida or Georgia keep an eye on the forecasts starting Saturday.

Sobering Moment For Science

Just wow.

One of the central tenets of the scientific method is that others must be able to reproduce an experiment and achieve the same results. For too many years, no one was performing this vital task.

Now Science has reported on the results of the Reproducibility Project. What they learned was sobering: 64% of the peer-reviewed results could not be reproduced even when working the authors of the original studies! The Project's results are here.

I can hardly imagine what the statistics would be for climate 'science.'

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown Replies to Katrina Critics

More on the tenth anniversary of Katrina...

Mr. Brown has written a brief essay in Politico attempting to exonerate himself and his agency for their terrible performance during Katrina.

I wrote on this very topic a couple of days ago. Yes, Mayor Nagin's decision to delay a mandatory evacuation and the designation of the Superdome were terrible decisions that cost many lives.

But, it wasn't Mayor Nagin that sent the rescuers to Atlanta to take classes on sexual harassment and the "history of FEMA" while people were perishing as the waters rose. It wasn't Gov. Blanco that insisted on having a steak dinner at high-end restaurant in Baton Rouge -- and insisting on not being interrupted during the meal -- while confused first responders were awaiting deployment orders. All of this, and more, is documented in my book, Warnings

So, yes, I agree that Michael Brown does not bear all of the blame for the Katrina catastrophe. That said, it would be much more helpful to have him publish suggested ways to improve FEMA's perpetually poor responses to major hurricanes rather than writing a "poor me" article.