Monday, June 29, 2015

GREAT Summer Reading

From another happy reader:

With the holiday weekend and the rest of summer, time for some great reading. Whether hardcover, Kindle or Nook, pick up a copy of this uplifting book on a fascinating subject -- storms and how courageous scientists save thousands of lives every year.

Small Area of Tornado Risk Today

Here is a small area of tornado risk today.
People in the middle Ohio Valley should keep an eye on the weather this afternoon and evening.

Lightning Striking Airliner

Twice, I've been in an airliner hit by lightning. This is what it looked like on a flight from LAX to DEN, the second time. Fortunately, modern jets are designed for this and it is not a hazard.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tornado Warning Cancelled

The tornado warning for the St. Louis area has been cancelled. Large hail is still occurring at this moment in St. Louis (City).

So, this is the end of my coverage on this storm.

Update on Tornado near St. Charles, MO

Radar at 8:19pm.

Rotation at 8:19, moving ESE to SE. St. Charles take cover!! Take cover Bridgeton and Hazelwood.

Image of tornado via Twitter.

Tornado Warning: St. Louis Area

8:09pm, strong rotation moving SE to ESE. Take cover in St. Charles, Florissant, Bridgeton and Hazelwood!
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Center of rotation at 8:03 is blue circle. It is moving SE. Tornado warning = red polygon. Take cover in this area.

Heads Up, St. Louis

A strong storm is moving southeast toward St. Charles and the northern part of the St. Louis' Bi-State Area. Radar from 7:54pm.

Tornado Watch: Missouri, Iowa & Illinois

Please note that the risk of "severe" (≥1") hail is "high" and ≥ 2" hail is moderate. So, there is a significant chance of destructive hail along with a tornado.

Radar at 3:14pm shows new thunderstorms developing in the rectangle. They are starting to move ESE to SE.
Please keep up on the weather if you live in the tornado watch.

This Week's Rainfall and Today's Tornado Risk

Here is the 7-day rainfall amount forecast:

And, there is a significant (brown, 5%) tornado risk in Missouri and a small part of Illinois and Iowa this afternoon and evening.
Please keep an eye out if you live in these areas.

Sunday Fun: It's All About the Dough

Do I mean the money that flows into Big Climate?

No, I mean the incredibly silly claim that global warming will keep dough from rising.

Commentary here.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tornado Watch: Middle Atlantic

DC Tornado Risk; More Flooding Likely

The Washington-Baltimore area has a serious risk of tornadoes later today and this evening.
The significant risk (brown, 5%) includes Richmond and most of Delaware. The 10% area (yellow) includes all of the DC-Baltimore metro areas. Please make sure your dependents are aware of this risk and can get to safety if warnings are issued.

More heavy rain is likely over the next 72 hours which is going to increase the flood threat in the Midwest.
Stay tuned!

Agree 100%

An editorial on The Weather Channel and its new aggressive stance on global warming, global warming, global weirding, climate chaos, or whatever they are calling it this week.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ohio Valley Heads Up

Fairly large area of significant (brown) tornado risk later today and this evening.

We also have an extremely large area of flood watches (dark green).
The magenta areas are flash flood warnings and the bright green are flood warnings. More on that threat from AccuWeather.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tornado Risk Later Today

There is a small area of significant tornado risk in the Middle Atlantic region. Please keep an eye on the weather here.