Sunday, November 18, 2018

Rain in For California

This will -- finally -- give the heroic fire crews, emergency managers and the residents a desperately needed break.

Sunday Fun: I'd Say So!

Genuine description of a movie from "Turner Classic Movies:"  "While on leave in Italy, a young officer finds himself falling in love with the married daughter of his submarine's commander, stirring complications."

Saturday, November 17, 2018

This Is Perverted and Evil

There are no other words to describe this.
The best response to all of this is prayer.

"America's Permanent War Complex"

This is absolutely essential reading. President Trump campaigned to end this vicious cycle and he needs to follow up on that promise.

H/T: Fabius Maximus (Ed.)

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Smoke Thickens

San Francisco as (not) seen from Treasure Island this afternoon. 
This is due to the smoke from the wildfires.

Things will meteorologically improve next week.

The Smart Money Simply Doesn't Believe the Global Warming Gloom and Doom Forecasts

On numerous occasions, we have pointed out that the people shouting about global warming do not conform their actions to their words.
It isn't just Al Gore or Leonardo Di Caprio running around the world in private jets (the least carbon-efficient form of transportation) to make "we need to cut our carbon footprints" speeches. It isn't just the Maldives demanding money because it is being flooded by rising sea levels ("our nation is sinking") when in fact no flooding is occurring and the islands are enjoying a beachfront building boom.
Now, the hypocrisy seems to have moved closer to home. Jeff Bezos' Amazon moving announced this week it is constructing a new headquarters building in Queens. Mr. Bezos has spoken out about global warming on a number of occasions. For example...
But, if he genuinely believes the threat is so imminent and dangerous that it needs another $1 billion thrown at it, it is curious that he is building his new headquarters in an area that, according to Climate Central, is going to begin flooding in just two years.
Of course, Mr. Bezos and Amazon can choose to spend their money however they wish. But, it is curious that global warming is so serious that it is worth spending another billion dollars on yet they are building in an area what will begin global warming-related flooding in just two years. At first glance, it appears it is another case of global warming words not matching global warming actions.

H/T: WattsUpWithThat

An Immense Tragedy

63 deaths. Horrible.

What Is Wichita Like As a Place to Visit?

Just ask these travel writers from Australia.

Come and see us on your next vacation. You'll be amazed just as Julia and Richard.

Better still, look at the thousands of great jobs open at companies based in Wichita and south central Kansas and consider moving here. 

While This is For Kansas...

...I suspect these numbers are more or less applicable to the Great Plains and Midwest.
And, yes, slow down (a lot!) when ice and snow are falling.