Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Update on Central Great Plains Winter Storm

Here is the NWS's forecast snow amount.

A focus on northwest Oklahoma where just over a foot is forecast to fall.

Radar at 9:20am:
There has been a report of snow falling at a rate of two inches per hour from around Buffalo (northwest) Oklahoma.

Below are the winter weather "headlines" from the NWS.
  • Pink = winter storm warning. 
  • Blue = winter weather advisory (lesser condition). 
  • Tan = wind advisory. 
I will update again this afternoon. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Winter Storm Forecast for Central Great Plains

This is my current forecast with regard to the early-season winter storm forecast for the Great Plains. There will be wind gusts in the 20-25 mph range so travel conditions Wednesday night could be very poor in the heavier snow area.

From the Kansas Gyp Hills to the adjacent counties in northwest Oklahoma, as much as 10-12 inches could fall if it gets cold enough, soon enough. There could be gusts to 30 mph there -- so, travel is strongly discouraged tomorrow night and Thursday morning. 

Please note that areas near or just northwest of the Kansas Turnpike/I-35 will be in the tight gradient as to snowfall amounts. If it gets slightly colder, amounts could be as much as 4-6 inches but I think it is more likely we will received 2-3 inches. 

From the National Weather Service (updated 4:30pm):

  • Pink = winter storm warning.
  • Green = winter storm watch.
  • Blue = winter weather advisory (a lesser condition). 

I will update this forecast Wednesday morning. 

Announcement: I Am on Parler

 I want to let everyone know that, due to the severe censorship on Twitter, I am now on Parler. My handle is:


For the time being, I will stay on Twitter, also. However, I do not guarantee how much longer I will be on Twitter if the censorship continues. 

Monday, November 30, 2020

Winter Storm Watch: Central Great Plains

The end of the "snow day"?
The tinted area on the map is where 3 to 6 inches of snow is forecast to occurring beginning Wednesday afternoon continuing into Thursday midday. Please factor this in if you are planning to travel. 
Interesting question: With the advent of online education, is this the end of the "snow day"?

Great Book for Christmas Giving

Books are a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed over and over. And, if you are looking for an upbeat, fun read, I suggest my book: Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather. 

Warnings has received outstanding ratings and critical reviews. The two most recent reviews on Amazon:

From Barnes & Noble:
So, please consider Warnings if you are looking for a great read for yourself or a friend. 

East Coast Tornado Risk

 There is a significant risk of tornadoes near the Middle Atlantic Coast. 

It includes Philadelphia, Washington, Dover, Norfolk and Raleigh. Please monitor the weather as the day progresses. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tornado Risk Later Today and Tonight

The two brown areas is where there is a significant chance of a tornado occurring. The area affecting the Carolinas has the risk of an overnight tornado, which is especially dangerous. 

Please keep up on the weather in these regions. 

Why So Many Are Questioning the Results of the Presidential Election

The Spectator is a publication with high journalistic standards. This brief article, by a pollster, sums up the situation well. 

Here is a list of links of credible charges of election irregularities

Friday, November 27, 2020

Winter Storm Forecast: 8am Monday

Here is the forecast for the developing winter storm as of 8am Monday.

And, here is a forecast of the snow on the ground as of that time.

More snow will accumulate during the day accompanied by strong north winds. Please keep this in mind if you are going to travel in the region. 



Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We live in an amazing time: prior to COVID: the lowest level of extreme poverty in the history of humanity, famine nearly a thing of the past, no major wars. While there is still more to do, science is allowing us to get a handle on COVID. We have a tremendous amount about which to be thankful. 

Most of those blessings have borne fruit in the United States because of liberty, property rights and the free enterprise system. I bright young person can choose a career in whatever field he or she believes will bear the most fruit. So, we should always keep in mind:

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Heads Up: Midwest Winter Storm

While this is very preliminary, I want everyone to know there is a possibility of a major winter storm in the Midwest Monday and Monday night. Keep an eye on the weather if you are going to be traveling. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Flood Threat in the South

Southeast Texas, Louisiana and southern Mississippi have a risk of serious flooding developing late in the week and early next week. Please keep this in mind as you plan your travels and monitor the weather accordingly. 

12:45pm Tornado and Travel Weather Update

Snow continues to fall over much of Colorado from the mountains east to the Kansas-Nebraska border. It will gradually move east into this evening and will affect I-70 and I-76.

The red area is where a tornado will likely be issued this afternoon and evening. Thunderstorms are developing from southwest Kansas into the northern Texas Panhandle which will likely cause large hail and may cause a few tornadoes. Please monitor the weather in this area the rest of the day.

I will be updating on Twitter @usweatherexpert. 

Make America's Wasps Great Again!

The subject of this posting is the insect not white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

The United States is in danger of losing the ability to produce anti-venom for wasp and other insect stings. As usual, the government seems to be part of the problem. Even though the United States and Europe now have effective treatments, if we brought over Europe's anti-venom across the Atlantic this fascinating article states:

...The FDA would likely require “multimillion-dollar clinical trials involving sting challenges,” says Golden, referring to the act of intentionally stinging people by holding a yellow jacket, for example, on the arm of a volunteer until it stings them, which comes with the risk of anaphylaxis. “So, we’re stuck,” he says.

I recommend reading the entire article if you or someone who know has allergic reactions to insect bites.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Instead of a Climate Czar, Here's What America Really Needs...

So you know where I am coming from, I am a Reagan conservative. That means:

  • Liberty, free enterprise, and the rule of law are paramount.
  • Our huge government is failing us in many ways. We need much smaller, and more effective, government. 
But I make one exception pertaining to smaller government: The United States needs a National Disaster Review Board (NDRB) modeled on the National Transportation Review Board. The NDRB would focus on natural disasters and, yes, would include responses to disasters caused by extreme weather whether related to changes in climate or not. 

I have written a great deal about this topic. 
  • Part One is here
  • Part Two is here.
  • Wired calling for a NDRB is here.
  • You can find many other of my postings on the topic by doing a Google search.
The National Transportation Safety Board, an independent agency, has been an amazing success at making all forms of transportation, especially aviation, far, far safer. The NDRB, if constituted in accordance with the recommendations, would likely achieve similar success. 

Assuming President Trump's court challenges fail, the Biden Administration has a chance to take a real step forward for the nation by creating a National Disaster Review Board. It is something non-political that would be a major step forward for Americans of all stripes. 

Climate Czar: Starting Off With a Bad Decision

This just came across my news feed.  

While one can debate the merits of whether we need a "climate czar," Mr. Kerry is a poor choice. He is not an original thinker nor has he demonstrated original thinking during his career. He will be a mouthpiece for Big Climate. 

So, we can expect more windmills and other failed solutions to the problem. What we need is next generation nuclear and innovative solutions that will emit little or no greenhouse gas while bringing prosperity to the developing world.