Friday, September 24, 2021

Heads Up: Wheat Farmers

The dry soil has been far less than ideal for planting the 2022 winter wheat crop. The good news is that rain is on the way.

Here is the National Weather Service's 7-day rainfall forecast ending at 6pm, Friday, October 2.

After the above forecast was published, the rainfall amount forecast from the ECMWF model, the world's most accurate, became available. Here is the ten-day rainfall amount forecast for the winter wheat belt. 
Kansas and Nebraska 
Texas and Oklahoma 
Things are looking up.

Headwind - A Wind Energy Expose´

“At some point we’re all going to look back and say; why were we such idiots”?                                     Alexander Pohl

Headwind”21 asks questions about wind energy... Ultimately it rubs truth deep into the wounds of the wind industry. 

It debuts today. I haven't seen it and am looking forward to it. More and more people are waking up to the scam that is wind energy./ 

Please click here for more information.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Climate Night? Hah!

We are utter fools if we continue to deploy wind energy while decommissioning perfectly good nuclear plants. Fools. We already have too much wind energy (ask people who live in Texas). 

There are many good reasons to decarbonize electricity production. That can best be accomplished with hydro and nuclear. Wind and solar not necessary. More here. The people who benefit from our current policies (shutting down U.S. energy independence) are Russia, Iran and China.

Climate Night - Utter Hypocrisy
It seems even politicians and celebrities -- including those that vociferously impose wind and solar o the rest of us -- at least in their personal lives, get it, including almost all of those who participated in tonight's "Climate Night." So, let's go in search of solar:

Jimmy Fallon's home. Any solar on the roof?

Ding...ding...ding. Jimmy Kimmel has solar. Look at left side of the roof.

Obama's new Martha's Vineyard Home. See any solar panels?

"Climate Czar" John Kerry's Natucket home. Solar panels? Nope!

One of Al Gore's three homes. No solar here, either.

One of President Biden's homes. None of them have solar.
The people who are trying to guilt you about global warming fly around on private jets, live lives with gigantic carbon footprints, and are total hypocrites. They are also morons

And, while we're at it:
With the exceptions of Al Gore and Leonard DiCaprio, there are no bigger environmental hypocrites than Meghan and Harry; with their private jets and motorcades. Exactly why we taxpayers are funding this is a mystery to me. 

This is Railroad Safety Week

There are three rules on which I want you to focus after reading this piece about railroad safety:

1. Never play, work, or photograph on railroad tracks! Period. No exceptions!

Hollywood film crew, even though they were denied permission by CSX Railroad,
was hit by a train while shooting on a bridge. Even though they had a 
lookout, one died and one was seriously injured.

In a terrible irony, a person in California was killed on tracks this morning

2. If a car or truck is stuck on tracks, call the railroad first, then call 9-1-1.

Every public railroad crossing in the United States has unique identifying information to quickly get trains stopped. Here's how to find it: 

If there are flashing lights or other mechanical warning devices, the information will be on the electronics hut along with an (800) phone number. Call that and read off the information on the box. Then, call 9-1-1.

If it is a rural crossbuck:
I apologize for not having a rural crossing photo from the front but you will find the info in the locations highlighted. 

3. Don't go around crossing gates, flashing lights or other indication a train is coming. If the crossing seems to be malfunctioning, please call the railroad as above. Then, find an alternative route. 

There is much more on rail safety, here

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

COVID Vaccines: Something SEEMS Terribly Off

Before I go further, I am a support of vaccines, including the COVID vaccines. I have been vaccinated three times against the disease. (More advice at the end of this piece.)

That said, day by day, something increasingly seems wrong with the COVID vaccines. Notice the emphasis on the word, "seems." I am not a physician and I don't know how seriously to take the information below. But, I do have a number of questions. 

Late Monday morning, I had to go to a local emergency room due to a reaction to a new medicine. The place was packed. I had an exceptionally long wait. While chatting with the ER physician who treated me, he told me that he was "in the process of admitting six COVID patients who are really sick. And, they are all fully vaccinated." What??

Dr. Fauci told us this was impossible. 

The physician told me he was glad that I and the others were fully vaccinated. "They would be a lot sicker if they weren't," he added. But, I got to thinking, "What is the evidence for that?" He seemed impatient and was extraordinarily busy according to the nurses so I didn't want to take his time. 

After arriving home, I started to do some online research on the question, What Evidence Is There The COVID Vaccines Reduce the Severity of the Disease? 

I searched on Google and DuckDuckGo, search engines which use differing techniques. All I could find are two press releases from the CDC (here and here). If there are recent peer-reviewed studies, independent of the CDC, I cannot find them. There is nothing in either release that indicates their internal studies have been submitted for peer-review.

Having read both carefully, I am not impressed, even though I wanted to be. 

In the California (only) study, the (red link) key finding is:

Lower percentages of fully vaccinated persons were hospitalized (3.2%), were admitted to an intensive care unit (0.5%), and required mechanical ventilation (0.2%) compared with partially vaccinated persons (6.2%, 1.0%, and 0.3%, respectively) and unvaccinated persons (7.6%, 1.5%, and 0.5%, respectively) (p<0.001)

I am not a medical or epidemiological statistician, so I do not know the correct statistical methods to determine whether the above findings are statistically significant. CDC says they are. But, let's break the data out another way:

                              Not Vaccinated     Partial      Fully 
Hospitalized?                  7.6%             6.2%       3.2%
Ventilator?                      0.5%             0.3*%       0.2%
The 0.3 is a correction. Thank you, reader Bill.

The second study's (purple link) key findings are:

The findings come from four weeks of additional data collected in CDC’s HEROES-RECOVER study of health care workers, first responders, frontline workers, and other essential workers. These groups are more likely to be exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 because of their occupations. Preliminary results from this study were first announced in March 2021.

In the new analysis, 3,975 participants completed weekly SARS-CoV-2 testing for 17 consecutive weeks (from December 13, 2020 to April 10, 2021) in eight U.S. locations. Participants self-collected nasal swabs that were laboratory tested for SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. If the tests came back positive, the specimens were further tested to determine the amount of detectable virus in the nose (i.e., viral load) and the number of days that participants tested positive (i.e., viral shedding). Participants were followed over time and the data were analyzed according to vaccination status. To evaluate vaccine benefits, the study investigators accounted for the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 viruses in the area and how consistently participants used personal protective equipment (PPE) at work and in the community. Once fully vaccinated, participants’ risk of infection was reduced by 91 percent. After partial vaccination, participants’ risk of infection was reduced by 81 percent. These estimates included symptomatic and asymptomatic infections.

To determine whether COVID-19 illness was milder, study participants who became infected with SARS-CoV-2 were combined into a single group and compared to unvaccinated, infected participants. Several findings indicated that those who became infected after being fully or partially vaccinated were more likely to have a milder and shorter illness compared to those who were unvaccinated. For example, fully or partially vaccinated people who developed COVID-19 spent on average six fewer total days sick and two fewer days sick in bed. They also had about a 60 percent lower risk of developing symptoms, like fever or chills, compared to those who were unvaccinated. Some study participants infected with SARS-CoV-2 did not develop symptoms.

My concerns with the study are stated, in order, 
  • Essential workers are younger, and possibly healthier, than the population as a whole.
  • COVID tests were self-collected rather than by a neutral third party.
  • I have never understood why "asymptomatic" results are considered an "illness." This was also true before the vaccines. 
  • By combining the cases, it means asymptomatic cases were considered "positives." I have a good friend who tested positive for COVID early in the epidemic who had no real symptoms. As this is constructed, he would be considered a vaccine "success." That doesn't seem right, especially given the small numbers,
  • Of the 3,975 first responders in the study, if the infection was prevented in 91% of the participants, then the remaining infected participants = 44. That seems a very small population from which to develop these conclusions. 
Speaking of small populations, Project Veritas dropped a video with a woman who is a federal hospital registered nurse. There is also undercover video. While we never know how video might be edited, there is enough there to indicate that health care workers at that facility had a number of concerns, some serious, about the vaccines, including the allegation a vaccine caused the death of a healthy colleague. The video and transcript are here

Usually, I would discount the PV report. But, consider this:
These are health care workers who resigned -- in large numbers -- presumably the people with the most experience with the vaccines and their results. If the vaccines are as promoted, why would they resign?

They are not the only ones.
It is curious to me that the reporter discounts the experiences of front-line health care workers. I don't understand why the MSM (perhaps the narrative?) interview Fauci and other 'experts' who do not see patients -- and insult the people ("misinformation") who do. 

I do know there are numerous reports that at least some physicians feel pressured to "go along" with federal guidance and/or feel the White House's advice to get a third shot is invalid.
President Biden's plan was rejected by an FDA panel Friday by a vote of 16-2. There will not be a recommendation the general population receive a third shot. 

Finally, independent reporter Sharyl Attkisson has compiled a list of concerns about the vaccine that are backed by evidence. It is here. As you'll see, it is long list. 

I'll be the very first to concede I don't know whether there are significant or serious issues with the vaccine(s). But when there is smoke, it seems reasonable to check for fire. At this point, I'm not taking advice from either side at face value.  As usual, the mainstream media seems to get the vast majority of their information from government of academic people along I-95 from D.C. to Boston which have a uniform point of view*. 

For now my advice remains mostly unchanged: Speak to your physician. If you are young and have heart problems, I would probably speak to both my cardiologist and my general physician (GP). If you are pregnant I'd speak to your GP and OB-GYN before. 

If your personal medical experts say to get the vaccine, it is probably best to do so. Either way, do it quickly in order to protect yourself.

I'm happy I've had the recommended three boosters. However, the side effects from shot #3 (Pfizer) were significantly worse than #1 and #2. If you have bad side effects with the first two shots, let your physician(s) know. I'm glad the FDA nixed President Biden's plan for the general population. 

Addition: 9/21, A Story on this same topic from the Los Angeles Times. I find it interesting that the story originates far from the groupthink on the East Coast. Their conclusion is the vaccines, especially Pfizer's, have problems. 

*IMPORTANT. These days, if a reporter asks to interview you, make sure you record at least the audio of the entire interview. The stakes are high on this topic and reporters will almost never give you their raw notes and/or video. You will want to be protected against misquote with your own copy. If the reporter will not allow the interview to be recorded, cancel the interview. 

Monday, September 20, 2021

Hurricane Ira Used Cars

Carfax says to be careful. Two hundred thousand cars were flooded. These cars will soon show up on used car lots and may have hidden damage. 

Unfortunate Words From Pope Francis

I saw this tweet yesterday evening, followed up, and found it was true. 

The story is here. You will have to have a vaccine passport to get into the Vatican. So, we are clear, I want you to be vaccinated unless your physician advises you otherwise. Please, get the vaccine! 

Back to the religion aspect of the Pope's actions: The Gospels say Jesus acted differently.

What makes Pope Francis' requirement of vaccine passports especially galling is because he has been a frequent critic of U.S. immigration policy under President Trump

“I say it publicly. I have even said that those that build walls end up being prisoners of the walls they build.”

So, the Pope believes it is okay for the Vatican to restrict the people coming into that country but it is not okay for the U.S. to do so. Leprosy, like COVID-Delta, is highly contagious which is why, in Roman times, they were forced to live away from others. Gospel historians say Jesus set an unusual example by interacting with the lepers. 

I am a practicing Catholic and it pains me to criticize any Pope. However, I believe it is important speak out so that non-Catholics do not misunderstand church policy. In this case, Pope Francis, in this case, is not proclaiming official Catholic doctrine. That is done through encyclicals and other methods designed for that purpose. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Global Warming Propaganda Machine at Work

All of These Stories Are Post-Hurricane Ida
"Never let a crisis go to waste." It has been both predictable and amusing watching Big Climate's propaganda machine at work since Hurricane Ida. Climate propagandist plus serial lawsuit filer (and loser) Michael Mann (above) is proposing that we will have to create a Cat 6 hurricane as part of the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Of course, that isn't needed because the Scale already provides for intense hurricanes like Ida, which is currently rated a Cat 4. Mann's article is pure propaganda for people who don't understand how the Scale works.

Let's talk about some of these other articles.
This story isn't just about global warming, it is intended to try to help the Democrats pass their gigantic "welfare for the rich" 'infrastructure' bill in the disguise of green energy. Never mind that energy shortages are
WSJ, Sunday, Sept 19
already being forecasted for this winter (remember the blackouts in February?), in part because of our over-dependence on wind energy. We are utter fools if we extend our dangerous dependence on wind. 

These stories are planted by Big Climate's Madison Avenue public 

relations consultants as well as by university climate public relations research groups that I have called the "Donald Draper School of Meteorology." They use the same marketing techniques as companies that sell cigarettes. Remember, trillions of dollars are spent on global warming and Big Climate wants ever more, regardless of whether it actually helps the environment. 

My 'favorite' (sarc) is the one below.
The opinion article came with a caption that says, 

Remember, the Bible tell us God sent swarms of locusts to punish mankind.

Of course, the Bible says no such thing. God sent the locusts to punish Pharaoh and the Egyptians for holding the Israelites in slavery and restricting their freedoms. There is nothing in Exodus that says God punishes "mankind" for 'environmental sins'. I am a practicing Catholic and have written that Pope Francis should not be getting involved in the global warming debate in the manner in which he has chosen to do so.

No question earth's temperatures are warmer now than 60 years ago. But, the climate models continue to overstate the amount of warming likely to occur. Big Climate and the mainstream media make sure you are not told the beneficial aspects of a warmer climate like,
  • Record per-capita and total food supplies. Meteorological famine is nearly a thing of the past.
  • On a net basis, less energy is used worldwide.
  • On a net basis, fewer people die of exposure.
  • Violent tornadoes in the United States are less frequent (USA is the only nation for which we have sufficient data). Other storms have not gotten worse with the possible exception that heavy rainstorms have a slight additional amount of rain. 
Now, you know these "news" stories are not coincidences or even legitimate news. They are planted by rich, powerful climate and environmental groups with a goal of making the rich, even richer.

Do You Enjoy Books About History?

If you are interested in learning more about World War I, you will want to obtain a copy of A Decade Like No Other, Countdown to Catastrophe by Dennis Cross. It is a month-by-month history of the War and the runup to it. 

Dennis is my daughter's father-in-law and a brilliant man. Not only is he an interesting writer, he works at the nation's World War I memorial in Kansas City. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Rainfall For Next Week

Generous, in some places excessive, rain will fall the next seven days over the eastern half of the nation. 

Badly needed rains will fall in the Northwest with the first of the autumn cold fronts. Hopefully, it will be a season of generous rainfall in the West. 

Friday, September 17, 2021

I Don't See the Government Tearing Down that Giant Data Center in Utah...

The intelligence communities' Utah data center, 
one of a number they run. It is rumored that part of
it is underground.

Proving once again that "bi-partisan" = "especially bad," the Patriot Act -- passed in a rush in the weeks after September 11 --  has been once of the worst pieces of legislation in the history of our nation. It allowed the government to spy on us without warrants.
  • Call an abortion clinic? The government knows.
  • Use your cellphone while on the road? The government knows not only about the use of the phone but also your location
  • The examples are endless -- and, dangerous. 
Edward Snowden is a hero who brought all of this to our attention yet he has been pursued by politicians of both parties who do not wish for the workings of Deep State to be revealed. I urge you to read the entire article at the red link above. 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Weather and Chronic Pain

I want to introduce my readers to The Patient and the Weather which is a web site devoted to helping readers with chronic pain anticipate when the weather might cause pain levels to increase. There is no question that weather can affect people with chronic pain and the site might be useful to you. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Dan Rather and 1961's Hurricane Carla

This month is the 60th anniversary of Hurricane Carla. Not only did that storm cause tremendous damage near the coast, it caused record flooding well inland, including south Kansas City where I lived at the time. Many of these records still stand. 

While the 1900 Galveston Hurricane was the most deadly in the history of the United States, 1961's Carla was the biggest to strike Texas. For historic purposes, the Weather Bureau (now National Weather Service) made this video (in its usual kitschy style) about using the radar to track the storm. It was the first time a hurricane had been tracked in this say.
Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather made his bones covering Carla. AccuWeather has that story, here

Thank You to My Readers


Sales of Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather and When the Sirens Were Silent have been brisk recently. I want each of you to know how much I appreciate it. 

"Downburst in Kansas," #452181428
And, if you are in the market for commercial stock photography, selected photographs of mine are available at Adobe Stock Photography. Note: there are more of my photos available than are shown on the preview page. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Were Any Nuclear, Gas or Coal Generation Plants Destroyed?

Nicholas was a borderline hurricane.

For Meteorologists: The Misuse of Wireless Emergency Alerts

Last night's The 11th Hour With Brian Williams (when you click on the link, it is the final segment) had a rare segment that included some much-deserved praise for the National Weather Service (transcript below in case the video is taken down). 

Just days earlier, remember, Schumer was with the president as they toward the flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Ida in the New York City Borough of Queens. The governor of New York and the mayor of New York blamed inaccurate forecasts and warnings for the staggering toll of death and damage. But the truth is the forecasts and the flash flood warnings were astonishingly accurate if you were paying attention.

The National Weather Service is a national treasure. Their meteorologists are the essence of public service. They`re on duty 24 seven, they are busy. In fact, tonight issuing warnings as hurricane Nicholas heads inland bringing awful flooding from Houston all the way east to New Orleans and beyond.

However, the primary focus of the segment is how people have tuned out Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and may have missed the flash flood emergency warning for New York City on September 1. Williams used the absurd WEA alert sent out during the solemn ceremony in Shanksville Saturday as an example of WEA's misuse. This is a topic about which I have written on several occasions (examples, here and here). Brian Williams went on to report,

The problem is not the National Weather Service. In fact, the problem just might be us. Warnings are so often ignored. They are supposed to sound on your phone. Unless of course the last Amber Alert tone interrupted your last Zoom call and you turned off your notifications. That means you could miss the next tornado or flash flood warning. Over use of warning systems is the modern day definition of crying wolf...   [emphasis mine]

GEOFF BENNETT, NBC WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: The President and the First Lady are going to lay a reef. We`re getting some sort of emergency alert here in Shanksville. We`ll find out what that`s all about.


WILLIAMS:  It fell to Steve Portnoy of CBS News to speak for all of us. Two of these alerts with their abrasive halting and haunting tones came screaming over the cell phones of Flight 93 families as they gathered at the memorial wall. This misuse of the weather emergency alert system sent shutters through the crowd and event we also note that hosted to American presidents under heavy security.

So the problem isn`t our technology or our ability. It`s how we use it. The information is there but incidents like this screw up don`t bode well for the effort to get folks to pay attention.

Wireless Emergency Alerts used to be activated solely for life-threatening situations (tsunami, tornado, etc.). Now that 2.5" hail* has been added to WEA -- which I view as an unfortunate development -- there are already calls to lower the wind threshold to 70 mph and 1.5 inch hail. This is a slippery slope. The NBC report demonstrates that people resent WEA false alarms and that people will deactivate WEA due to warnings that are not meaningful to them. 

NOAA Weather Radio became irrelevant because of too many non-meaningful activations (1" hail warning at 3am). We need to be very careful the same mistakes are not made with WEA.

*I mistyped earlier. 80 mph winds are life-threatening. I was referring to the 70 mph proposal. 

"The Masking of the Servant Class"

Even with all of this deceit and manipulation [surrounding masks], there is something uniquely disturbing — creepy even — about becoming accustomed to seeing political and cultural elites wallowing in luxury without masks, while those paid small wages to serve them in various ways are forced to keep cloth over their faces. It is a powerful symbol of the growing rot at the core of America's cultural and social balkanization: a maskless elite attended to by a permanently faceless servant class.

Not only was this obvious at last night's decadent (in worst meaning of the term) Met Gala, it was in evidence during Saturday's September 11 commemorations and, before, at former President Obama's birthday party.

I agree with Glenn Greenwald that this is a particularly ugly trend among America's intellgensia. Glenn's piece (green link) is well worth reading. 

Addition, 9/20: Last night Emmy Awards. And, yes, LA has a ordinance requiring masks.

Four hundred miles away, the mayor of San Francisco this past weekend partied in close quarters without a mask even though she ordered a mask mandate for these venues!  See photo; no one is wearing a mask.
A science policy expert recently wrote about the politicization of masks. Roger correctly cited conflicting, unscientific statements by Dr. Fauci and others as contributing to the problem. True. I also believe the politicians and "intelligentsia" who ignore -- without penalty -- masking orders; while making those that serve them comply, will continue to cause politicization far into the future. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

The Murderous Nature of Alternative Energy

“There is no Such Thing as a 
Wealthy Society with a Weak Electrical Grid.”

[This post is updated and bumped to the top]

February's electrical catastrophe in Texas, caused by a combination of the failure of wind energy and human error, is serving as a wakeup call that our grid is weakening by the month as more and more wind energy is installed
Snow and single digits in Wichita,
February, 2021

From September 8th's Wall Street Journal,

Blackouts are deadly and create costly drags on the economy. Bad policies and lack of oversight contributed to the February blackouts in Texas. The final tally: about $200 billion in damage and some 700 people dead from hypothermia, carbon monoxide poisoning and other causes. In California—a state that is hemorrhaging residents—blackouts have become a near-daily event. 

Generac says in a recent investor presentation that power outage severity is “increasing significantly.” Between 2000 and 2020, the number of what the Energy Department calls “major electric disturbances and unusual occurrences” jumped 13-fold.

Of course, Generac is the company that makes most of our nation's home generators and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units. They report skyrocketing sales. 

Later, the WSJ article goes on to state,

Three things are weakening the grid. One is the rush to add renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, which depend on amenable weather to function. Second, over the past few years, numerous coal and nuclear plants that provide baseload power and help keep the grid stable have closed. Third, regional transmission organizations such as Ercot in Texas and Caiso in California are mismanaging the system. They are not providing enough incentives to ensure reliability such as providing payments to generators that have on-site fuel storage.

Renewable energy promoters don’t want to admit that wind and solar are undermining the grid. But the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a nonprofit trade group, said in a report last month that “changing resource mix” is the most urgent challenge for reliability. The group says America’s electric generation capacity “is increasingly characterized as one that is sensitive to extreme, widespread, and long duration temperatures as well as wind and solar droughts.” [emphasis mine]

I wish to provide one last excerpt from the article (which I urge you to read in its entirety; just click on the maroon link, above),

In addition, activists are demanding more reliance on renewables and “electrifying everything,” including industry and transportation. Yet the grid is struggling even under existing loads. 

Trying to electrify everything would be a disaster, especially for low-income consumers. Poor folks tend to live in homes that aren’t as efficient or sturdy as those occupied by the wealthy. They are more likely to suffer, or even die, during blackouts or extreme weather. They can’t afford generators or backup battery systems...

A retired vice president of a major electric utility posted this on LinkedIn during the February disaster.

[addition the evening of Sept. 13]
If you have any doubt that wind energy is a disaster, take a look at this reporting from this evening.
As in Texas in February, there is no doubt people will perish in Europe this winter due to energy unavailability and/or high cost. For the latter, look at the prices on the graph below. Wind energy is causing an inexorable increase in the cost of electricity in Europe and the United States. The poor suffer the most.
End of addition

The reason Big Climate hates nuclear is perverse: with nuclear, we don't need windmills and solar. When they are aren't acting against the interests of 99% of the population (reliable, affordable energy), they engage in "magical thinking" -- that, regardless of the laws of physics pertaining to electrical generation and meteorology (that winds are usually calm when it is extremely hot and extremely cold), -- somehow all of this will work out okay. If we continue to install wind energy, it certainly will not. 

It is incredible to me that politicians and bureaucrats seem to believe they push a button and the sun will come out or that wind speeds will be between 6 and 26 mph (wind turbines must be shut down when there is too much wind). What are we supposed to do on a day with record cold, calm winds, and thick overcast?? 

Another problem with solar and wind is that they rely on slave labor from China. That is both immoral and dangerous to our national security. It is the moral equivalent to have imported parts made by the occupants of Auschwitz.
The United States needs an immediate moratorium on further installation of wind and solar and it needs a crash program to install nuclear. We already have the templates: the identical nuclear power plants at Wolf Creek and Callaway have hummed along for 30+ years without a hiccup. Now that we have transmission lines in the middle of nowhere (photo above) thanks to wind energy, nuclear plants can be located in remote areas, as well.

Last month's report from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concedes that global warming is less dangerous than first thought. The extreme effects thought possible twenty years ago (The Day After Tomorrow) won't happen. While it is possible the warmer climate that, worldwide, brings us record food supplies and prosperity (the latter measured before COVID) added some to the flooding associated with Hurricane Ida, the other aspects of storms are improving. 

Did you know there are locations where hydroelectric energy were approved but stopped by politicians like Governor Jerry Brown? Given the severe drought conditions in the Golden State, I have no doubt they wish they had that water storage now, not to mention the electricity they would have produced.

[Warren] Buffet told an audience in Omaha, Nebraska recently. "For example, on wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit."

Of course, I have been focusing on the adverse effects on humans caused by alternative energy. I haven't mentioned all of the endangered birds killed by wind turbines. 

Conclusion: After a rough first eight months, the best thing President Biden could do would be to stop the tax credits and other federal support for alternative energy and ramp up hydro and nuclear as quickly as possible. If he will not change course, then the Republicans need to grow a political spine and get this done.