Wednesday, August 21, 2019

More Fallout From the Global Warming "Enemies List"

If you are not familiar with the Nature Communications' (a 'peer-reviewed' journal) paper published last week listing people who should be blacklisted from communicating about climate, please read this before reading the followup item below. 
Sadly, the American Meteorological Society and the other (formerly) science-based societies have not condemned Nature Communications' anti-science paper. I was a proud member of the AMS from the eighth grade until 2017 when its climate lobbying and activism, to my mind, became intolerable for an non-profit organization that allegedly about science.

I'm happy to report other organizations have condemned this call for censorship. The National Association of Scholars published a rather eloquent rebuttal, here. I urge you to read the entire (brief) document but three points below stand out.

The research design of Peterson, Vincent, and Westerling thus amounts to guilt by association..

Rather than seek more convincing arguments and better evidence for their views, however, Peterson, Vincent, and Westerling suggest erecting barricades to the expression of the views of the climate contrarians. 

Echo chambers are no doubt an impediment to open-minded scientific inquiry. But so are black lists. And so too is the assumption that one side of a debate has all the legitimate authority and the other side none. And so too are efforts to stampede the public to take “action” on matters on which the science is far from settled. Peterson, Vincent, and Westerling’s article is a fancy-dress version of book burning.

The blog posting below explains the summer of 2019 has been consistent with the global warming hypothesis. That should be a concern. But, by the reasoning of Nature Communications, this blog should be shut down because I do not subscribe to the catastrophic global warming hypothesis and some of the draconian 'cures' (which are already killing tens of thousands) advocated by the alarmists.

There is no doubt that the study of climate has metastasized from from an important scientific endeavor to a virulent quest for power and money. 

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