Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Wonders of 'Green' Energy

Let's see: Solar + Wind = Less Energy at Higher Cost. At least with fires, we can cook our dinners. Oh, wait, the fires give off CO2 (the dreaded "CO2 pollution," according to Al Gore).
The full story is here. CNBC is also covering it, here.

Solar can be extremely valuable in remote areas and for specialized uses. Some day, it may be valuable for wider use if a large scale, economical storage system is developed along with better solar panels.

But, when Big Climate tells us wind and solar can replace fossil fuels, they are engaged in dangerous, magical thinking.

ADDITION: Seconds after posting the above, the following came across my Twitter feed. These are two of Mike's series of tweets. Europe went down the primrose path of 'green' energy earlier and more aggressively than the United States and now there is a huge backlash due to price increases and even blackouts due to renewables destabilizing the grid.

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