Hurricane Dorian: FYI...

I was asked what the difference was between my forecast and the NHC forecast. The NHC forecast is within the thick white line. My forecast is between the red lines.

If I lived between the red lines, I would be making preparations for Hurricane Dorian. If I were between the red and white lines, I would closely monitor the situation.

What to do now?

Given it is a holiday weekend, you may wish to consider getting out of Dodge before an official evacuation starts and roads become jammed. Close down the home (turn off electricity, water, board up windows, etc.) and go somewhere like Atlanta well out of harm's way. Make a reservation now. Let Mother Nature do her thing without you and your family harm's way. 

If that is impractical, then I urge you to consider the following:
  • If you want a generator,  have an electrician install it. If you decide on a portable generator, make sure to place it outside well away from any air intakes. 
  • An automobile power inverter is very handy for charging your cell phone and laptop. 
  • Prepare for evacuation now if you live within in a coastal county. Obtain paper road maps. 
  • If my intensity forecast is correct, there will be widespread power failures and power will be out for days or even a week or two. 
  • Very good chance your electric can opener will not work in a hurricane (the power will fail). Make sure you have plenty of canned goods (they don't spoil) and have manual can openers and bottle openers. 
  • Get extra cash from the ATM. Credit cards will not work without power.
  • Keep your automobile filled with fuel. 


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