Gun Violence in America

Like virtually all Americans, I am saddened and frustrated by the recent mass shootings in America.

I'm frustrated at what seems to be a problem without a solution and I'm sick of politicians swooping in and trying to make political hay out of these atrocities. If a politician merely spouts platitudes ("we need common-sense gun control" without specifying what that means) they are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. 

Some of us would say that the root cause of these horrors is the breakdown of morality and loss of respect for life in the United States. But, those issues will take decades to reverse even if we resolve to begin today. 

The fact is there is no short-term solution. So, how do we protect our families? While I'm not a gun advocate, I find the list of suggestions presented here to have some valuable information whether one wishes to carry a gun or not. If we want provide maximum protection for those we love, we should take the initiative rather than crossing our fingers and hoping it doesn't happen to us. 


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