Hurricane Dorian: 5:10pm EDT, Friday

4:59p image of Dorian. Dots are lightning bolts.
Lightning near the eye of a hurricane is bad as it is a
sign the storm is strengthening. 
Here is the National Hurricane Center's new forecast along with my ongoing forecast (orange lines) of the path of the eye of Hurricane Dorian.
Hurricane warnings are out for much of the Bahamas (red) Islands. The amber is the area now experiencing tropical storm-force winds and the brown is the area experiencing hurricane-force winds. The respective areas will increase a little in size as the storm intensifies. It is forecast to be a 140 mph storm, with gusts to 155 mph, at landfall. Wow.

This storm will produce a deadly storm surge as well as highly destructive winds.

Extensive flooding is likely. A least a few tornadoes are possible.

You'll find my safety recommendations here. While you ponder those, please consider the thoughts below from Florida less than one year ago.


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