Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Let's Put July's Temperatures in Perspective

We've been hearing in the media a lot about "July was the hottest month in [earth's] history." That is yet another unfortunate example of ridiculous climate reporting by the media.

NASA's earth-based measurements since 1980* don't show July, 2020, as being anything special.
And, satellite-based measurement of the earth's temperatures do not, either.

What may be concerning about July's warm temperatures is that they did confirm to the global warming hypothesis which says that temperatures at high latitudes (i.e., near the poles) will warm more than the tropics. It was very warm in July in the Arctic region (Alaska has been very warm recently). There are also reports it was quite warm at the Antarctic.

While one season, in climate terms, is negligible, it is important to see if this is the start of a trend toward validating the heretofore lacking patterns that would tend to validate the global warming hypothesis.

*The satellite era for measuring temperatures began in 1979.

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