Friday, August 30, 2019

Two Things Worth Passing Along

1. Walgreens is currently running a promotion (popped up on my Twitter feed this morning) pertaining to teachers having to spend, on average, $430/yr on their classrooms.
That's well and good and I'm sure we all want to assist teachers.

However, has it occurred to you how much this hurricane is costing meteorologists and emergency managers?

I know of meteorologists who had plans for the Labor Day weekend. They are having to forfeit non-refundable air fares and hotel deposits or even the cost of all of the room-nights they had booked. Plus, while they are at their offices covering the storm they are having to leave their families. Where is the publicity and empathy about them?

2. I had not planned to be writing stories on the blog this weekend because I had family plans. So, it was extremely discouraging as I was watching Fox News on a hotel lounge television saying, "hurricanes are unpredictable and no one knows exactly where this one will go." Unpredictable? Really?

That is just lazy journalism. If you want to know where this hurricane is going scroll down or go to the National Hurricane Center.

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