Wednesday, August 28, 2019

[Updated] Do Airline Executives Stay Up Nights Thinking Up Terrible Ideas to Inflict on Their Customers?

The latest is from American Airlines.
The story is here.

After I fired United in 2014 (richly deserved), American has been my go-to airline. However, the last few flights have been less than stellar. So, when I go to the National Weather Association's Annual Meeting in Huntsville next month, I chose to try Delta. Given this latest nonsense from American, I'm glad I did.

American Airlines: instead of spending money on another intrusion into your customers' privacy, how about spending those funds upgrading your customer service?

UPDATE: 7:30PM FRIDAY. Looks like I spoke too soon about Delta.
I already have my tickets purchased. But, looks like I will be, on principle, flying even less going forward.

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