Wednesday Fun: Long Range Forecast Silly Season

It is the annual meteorological "silly season."

After all of the heavy topics of the last few days, here is some mid-week fun.
You no longer see long range forecasts on this blog because, so far, I have not found one that demonstrates consistent skill. Meteorologist Brad Panovich has come up with a great parody of the Farmer's Almanac's winter outlooks.

Speaking as a former broadcast meteorologist, I hated the release of every year's Farmer's Almanac forecast because we would get the same questions, over and over, about an outlook with no scientific skill. I would even keep the previous year's and read from it to demonstrate the forecasts were always wrong. 

From Twitter, yesterday, I see things have not changed.
I often failed the "test of character" (patience, actually) when dealing with those who believed that the Farmer's Almanac's forecast were gospel and would not stop the harangue when I disagreed. 


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