Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Climate: The Insanity Continues

The problem is that insanity is so taken for granted in climate 'science' (because people are frightened they will be canceled if they tell the truth), that truly dangerous ideas are allowed to survive.

I cannot think of a more dangerous thing to do than "dimming the sun" (actually, blotting out sunlight).
Far too many who call themselves climate scientists (even though they haven't taken a course in meteorology/climate in their lives) have this simplistic view of the climate that, if you dim the sun, it will cool with no other consequences.

That is not true! If you cool the climate, you risk:
  • Not being able to grow enough food. Mass famine may result.
  • Storm violence may increase. F-5 tornadoes are rarer than they have ever been (as far as we know). With colder weather (increasing temperature contrast between pole and equator), it is entirely possible that all types of storms will become stronger. 
  • We know from the weather's reactions to huge volcanic eruptions (e.g., Mt Pinatubo) that huge disasters (1993 upper Mississippi Basin floods) can follow the injection of dust into the atmosphere. There's no reason that manmade particles won't have similar effects.
Unfortunately, we are being led by the same fake scientists who told us that Vitamin D to fight COVID was "fake science." Or, that COVID vaccine would prevent us from contracting and spreading the disease (above). 

Bottom line: We should never attempt to "dim the sun." 

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